22, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to raise the basic pension for enterprise retirees, implement a national unified the basic old-age insurance for urban enterprise workers transferred between the system continuation.
22, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to raise the basic pension for enterprise retirees, implement a national unified the basic old-age insurance for urban enterprise workers transferred between the system continuation.

Magnetic levitation high-speed railway network in China abandoned wheel-rail technology, ultra-Germany and Japan

Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail is one of the signs is the row upon row of wires on the tracks.

China High Speed Rail Technology Development Roadmap

Autumn of 1978, Deng Xiaoping inspected the Shinkansen in Japan, he says with emotion, said: "Xiangfengyiyang fast, we now need the run!"

At that time, foreign high-speed train has reached 300 kilometers per hour, while the average speed of passenger trains in China is only 43 km.

Shanghai Metro Line 1 sudden power failure OCS Trip

Xinhua Shanghai December 22 (Xinhua Lu Wen-jun) at 5:50 on the 22nd, the Shanghai Metro Line 1 unexpected trip catenary power supply failure, causing trains to stop in the area. In operation to adjust recovery had occurred, wipe the two vehicles collision accident, causing part of the outages.

At 5:50 on the 22nd, the Shanghai Metro Line 1 unexpected trip catenary power supply failure, after a preliminary examination, which found fault zone off the tunnel at the top of the carbon fiber short circuit. In order to ensure uninterrupted operation at that time to take non-fault segment 2 small cross-road running. 7:06, the basic rule out failure.

In the Shanghai Metro Line 1 to adjust recovery operations, 7 pm, down from the Zhongshan North Road to the railway station line 150, No. 1 car, to run to the Shanghai Railway Station returned to station, as the car aggressive signals, and is being returned to the Car No. 117 side impact, resulting in a second accident this morning. Fortunately, the two vehicles were slow, and the 150 truck drivers to take immediate emergency brake, the impact, of the 117 empty cars, 150 passengers on board no one was injured, but the result in part of the line outages.

The line and network operators are adjusting recovery. As of press time, the Shanghai Metro Line 1 to People's Square Wenshui down one-way range is still suspended, the Shanghai Subway apologize to the effects of the accident, the accident is under further investigation.


China temporarily abandon the bid to host the World Cup

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has expressed the hope that China received on the 2018, 2022 World Cup bid book, but this is likely to be head of FIFA's wishful thinking. An interview with reporters yesterday, the Chinese Football Association and FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee of the relevant people, they spoke with one voice that China would not in today, that is, oral deadline to submit their applications within the two World Cup bid

Since last year, on China's bid to host the 2018 World Cup was widely rumored to stay Chuan, and with China's football across the board in last year's failure, a matter of course some of the media speculated that the Chinese Football Association may be able to bid to host the soccer World Cup to restore Chinese football honor, and as a result of FIFA at the same time allow the bid to host the country's bid in 2018 and two World Cup matches in 2022, media speculation yesterday that China is likely to apply for last-minute deadline to submit oral application. But as of last night, Beijing time, in the bid to FIFA's request for 12 countries not including China.

Last night, reporters were contacted some of the Chinese Football Association officials, they said "have not heard that China has decided to bid to host the 2018, 2022 World Cup thing." The official asserted, "is simply not possible, the Association leadership team has just set, anything could study, how can bid?" Reporter subsequently linked to a FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee to participate in the work of officials, his answer more convincing, "Despite the World Cup bid on the book by the country's Football Association on behalf of submission, but because of the World Cup is the world's large-scale events, whether the bid to host the country by the Government. In our country, whether the bid to host the World Cup also to go through, including the feasibility of a series of verification procedures, relevant state departments to go through strict examination and approval. So far, I have not heard similar things, so China's bid to host the possibility of the two World Cup almost zero. "

Analysis of insiders yesterday said that foreign and domestic parts of the media on China's bid to host the World Cup FIFA guess it actually reflects the resources to have a huge market of China's desire to host the World Cup, after all, South Africa World Cup bid in 2010 without opponents so FIFA is very embarrassing situation, while China has successfully staged the 2007 Women's World Cup and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, not only left a first-class facilities, but also to create a set of complete tournament preparation, organization system China has a strong strength. However, the Chinese Football Association so far has not been instructed relevant departments to express willingness to bid.

Have indicated their intention to bid in 2018 and 2022 World Cup are: the United Kingdom, Japan, Qatar, Russia, Indonesia, Australia, the United States, Mexico, Canada, as well as the joint bid to host the Football Association of Spain and Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium Football Association.

China to buy U.S. treasury bonds depends on its ability to preserve and increase the

Wen Jiabao: China to buy U.S. treasury bonds depends on its ability to preserve and increase the

Premier Wen Jiabao today will put an end to a three-day visit to the UK, and the United Kingdom is also Premier Wen Jiabao to Europe "confidence trip" last stop.

In the January 31 into Chinatown to the overseas Chinese New Year, to the Bank of China to visit staff in the British financial institutions, Wen Jiabao welcomed a series of questions, in answer to the "China will buy more U.S. bonds," the Wen Jiabao respond with humor: "This is a very sensitive issue, but also President Obama is very concerned about.

"Wen Jiabao said that China's foreign exchange reserves increased rapidly these years. China's diversification of foreign exchange reserves to buy U.S. treasury bonds is an important part." Whether it will continue to buy, how much to buy, it should be in accordance with China's needs, according to the Exchange security, preserving and increasing demands. "

As for the "Currently the RMB exchange rate is reasonable," the question, Wen said that China adopted the reform of RMB exchange rate formation mechanism, in accordance with the needs of the market changes, a reference basket of currencies, to implement a managed floating exchange rate system. For more than three years, the RMB against the U.S. dollar effective exchange rate of 21 percent. In the RMB exchange rate issue, China can not just parroting, especially in the face of financial crisis, maintaining the RMB exchange rate at a reasonable and balanced level of stability is of paramount importance. This will not only benefit China, but also conducive to the world economy.

In addition, how to rescue the market issue, Wen said countries in the world are in large-scale government investment, but many countries, "rescue the market" is still in the Security Bank, and China put forward four trillion investment plans are invested to the real economy is to implement structural policy of tax cuts, giving benefits to businesses and ordinary people, introduced to the countryside home appliances, agricultural machinery to the countryside, automotive countryside, are a variety of subsidies to promote consumption, "we do not have to spend money to fill holes in banks . " Earlier, in January 28 at the 2009 Davos forum, Wen Jiabao, in particular, his speech has pointed out that some countries, financial institutions, one-sided pursuit of profits of over-expansion; financial and lack of self-rating agencies, resulting in the risk of information and asset pricing Distortion; capability in financial supervision and financial innovation does not match the risks of financial derivatives to accumulate and spread in the world financial crisis reasons.

Premier Wen Jiabao met with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on February 1 in London, met with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Conservative Party leader Cameron.

Wen briefed the Chinese New Year in the British Premier Tony Blair in a meeting, said that the current international financial crisis has intensified and spread, I visited Britain at this time is to convey a firm co-grams total confidence in the hard times. The two sides should further tap potential for cooperation, and expand areas of cooperation, in particular, to oppose and resist trade protectionism. The Chinese side welcomes British enterprises to invest in China to increase imports from the United Kingdom, technology and equipment. China is willing to meet with the British side to promote the G-20 summit will achieve positive results.

Blair said that in response to financial crisis, countries attached great importance to China's stand and role. Premier Wen Jiabao at the Davos World Economic Forum annual meeting of the speech is very important to strengthen cooperation passed, the confidence to overcome difficulties, this is exactly what the international community is most needed. British advocate free trade and oppose trade protectionism. British businesses want to deepen cooperation with China to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation. The two sides also on climate change issues such as exchange of views. Cameron met, Wen Jiabao said that the Conservative Party is an important force in British politics for the development of Sino-British relations have made historic contributions. The Chinese side attaches great importance to developing relations with the Conservative Party, is willing to further strengthen inter-party exchanges and promote mutual understanding and cooperation. Premier Wen on China to address the financial crisis in the policies and measures, pointing out that Britain and China share extensive common interests and consensus on many important issues. Under the current circumstances, we must insist on open and fair trade, Second, it is necessary to address the international financial system problems. China and the United Kingdom to strengthen cooperation of mutual benefit on the world.

Cameron said that the British Conservative Party and I adhere to the one-China principle and firmly support the development of relations with China and will continue to work with China to strengthen exchanges and cooperation. Cameron said that the Chinese in response to the financial crisis has taken a responsible attitude. China to expand domestic demand, open markets benefit of Britain and the world, the United Kingdom market is also opening up to China. I hope the Chinese and British sides in bilateral and multilateral strengthen coordination and cooperation to jointly cope with the financial crisis.


China's 25 provincial GDP fell an average of 2.02%

From 25 provinces in 2009 GDP target, the difficult situation even worse than in 2008

Both the developed economies, emerging economies, or resource-based economies, the current economic recession is a real sense of the global recession.

The same is true for China, both the coastal provinces, the central and western regions or provinces, autonomous regions, energy resources, both in the event of economic downturn, this is a real sense of national economic difficulties.

At present, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) is being held two sessions, meetings have been held in 25 provinces, the provinces in his government work report in 2008 published the preliminary statistics of economic growth, and announced in 2009 the economic growth targets.

The author Statistics found that the preliminary statistical data has been published for 25 provinces, 22 provinces in 2007 than the GDP growth rate declined, a province with the same in 2007, two provincial high growth rate than 2007. Simple arithmetic calculation, 25 provincial GDP fell an average of 2.02 percentage points.

In addition, 25 provinces released by the breakdown of 2009 economic growth target, although in more than 8 percent, but 25 provinces do not have a goal established by the growth of more than 2008 high, only three provinces with the growth target for 2008 unchanged, and the remaining 22 the objectives of the province in 2008 than the growth rate low. Accumulated, the 25 provinces in 2009 the GDP growth target to reach the average fell 2.05 percentage point, which is even lower than in 2008 more serious decline.

These data tell us that the current economic downturn, China is a national decline, unlike some investment bank report points out, is a heavy impact on the eastern coast, the central and western regions less affected or even non-destructive situation.

Category observation data has been published for 25 provinces, Central Province, were all down 5, arithmetic average fell 1.92 percentage points; western figures of 10 provinces, autonomous regions, only the growth rate of Shaanxi Province in 2007 faster than the 0.6 percent, Qinghai and 2007 rate unchanged, other 8 provinces decreased, the average counts down 2.16 percentage points.

Not only that, but local governments in 2009 on the goals and expectations, showing that the central and western regions by the immense pressure. For example, data published in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hainan four provinces and cities, the growth rate in 2008 fell arithmetic average of 3.65 percentage points, and the expected decline in 2009 an average of only 1.45 percentage points. However, the central and western regions is different, 15 central and western provinces and autonomous regions in 2008 fell 1.75 percentage points on average, but is expected to decline in 2009 was an average of 2.11 percentage points. In other words, the central and western regions over the southeast coastal economic situation even more optimistic, perhaps because of, the central and western regions over-reliance on heavy industry, investment and other economic growth mode, and the southeast coast of urbanization can do more in exploring the basis of domestic demand and the tertiary industry growth potential.

But it is worth noting that, in China's statistical system, local statistical data regardless of the total GDP or growth, compared with the national GDP data have overestimated the larger, so simple data from the local provinces and municipalities can not determine the national economic specific data, but local data can help us better determine the trend.

For example, in the recent amendments to the National Bureau of Statistics before the 2007 national GDP is the total 24.66 trillion yuan, while the 31 provinces, autonomous regions statistical bulletin published by Canadian GDP data is always 27.36 trillion yuan, exceeding the 2.7 trillion yuan. Recently, the National in 2007 on the revised GDP data to 25.73 trillion yuan, but also lower than the provincial data accumulated 1.63 trillion yuan. In the GDP growth rate, the amendment before the National Bureau of Statistics released by the national GDP growth rate is 11.4 percent, but 31 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide provincial GDP growth rate of 11.4 percent in all above the lowest 12% of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, even on Amendment to 13%, the local publication of the growth rate is only 8 less than 13% of the province.

Is generally believed that the country's National Bureau of Statistics data and provinces and autonomous regions do not correspond to the accumulated data, the reasons for the statistical method is not only technically, means, and to repeat the question of statistics, there are places too much importance on the GDP growth rate to GDP for the political achievements, such as institutional issues .

These technologies or institutional reasons has not disappeared, but so far, 25 provinces reported lower in 2008, 2009 GDP growth data and goals, not only told us in 2008 the fact that national economic difficulties, but also notice the Chinese economy in 2009 will face a more severe situation.

From the current 25 provinces enacted in 2009 economic growth target, the arithmetic average, only 10% compared to this round of economic growth peak in 2007, when 31 provinces and even count the average growth rate reached 14.05 percent.

For individual provinces, such as coastal areas of Fujian Province, in 2007 GDP growth of 15.1 percent, in 2008 growth of 13 percent to preliminary statistics, down 2.1 percentage points in 2009 goal is 10 percent, continued to decline by 3 percentage points. Hubei Province in central region, 14.5 percent growth in 2007, 2008 growth of 13 percent to preliminary statistics, in 2009 growth target is 10 percent, continuous decline of 1.5 and 3 percentage points. The western region of Inner Mongolia, 19 percent growth in 2007, 2008 growth of 17.5% to preliminary statistics, in 2009 growth goal of 13 percent, respectively, down 1.5 and 4.5 percentage points. In addition, Guizhou, Shanxi clear in 2009 economic growth target is 8 percent.

Also needs to be emphasized is that all provinces, regions, published in 2009 economic growth target, or in anticipation of large scale investment in the foundation. From the regional economy have fallen sharply, and the future outlook is not optimistic, we can Humble Opinion on the overall situation of China's economic difficulties.

Wen Jiabao: This year is the China's entry into the new century to the most difficult economic year

According to news network The Chinese government, Premier Wen Jiabao presided over this morning in the second plenary meeting of the State Council, pointed out that this year is the China's entry into the new century's economic development has been the most difficult year.

Wen said that to do a good job the first quarter of economic work will be completed throughout the year national economic and social development tasks and gain the initiative, to lay the foundation, but also can play high spirits, strengthen confidence, the role of morale. To go all out to do a good job in the first quarter of economic work, as soon as possible to reverse the declining trend in economic growth and do everything possible to achieve this year's economic work off to a good start.

The meeting decided to draw the attention of the upcoming Second Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress to consider the "Government Work Report (draft)" sent to the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and central departments, units for comments.

Wen said that this year to cope with the international financial crisis in exceptional circumstances, the Government report on the work of much attention from home and abroad, the people have great expectations. Must be the cause of the party and the state of the masses of the people spirit of being highly responsible and seriously write this "report." To the "Report" issued for comment and revision process, as a unified understanding, and enhance confidence in the process, as a response to the crisis and overcome the difficulties as a process of brainstorming, scientific decision-making process, as a perfect measure, and firmly implement the process.

China's Hunan Province confirmed case of human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza cases

On the 19th Hunan Provincial Department of Health bulletin, Hunan recently confirmed case of human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza cases.

Reporters from the Hunan Provincial Department of Health that the patient吴某某, M, 16-year-old student, who lives in Qiandongnan Prefecture of Guizhou Province. Patients January 8, 2009 the incidence in Guizhou whose condition had worsened in the January 16 Huaihua City, Hunan Province into hospitalization. Patient is now in a critical condition and are actively in treatment.

January 17, the Hunan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention laboratory specimens of patient testing, the results for the H5N1 avian influenza virus nucleic acid positive; January 19, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention review of patient specimens for testing, the results for the bird flu virus nucleic acid H5N1 positive. Epidemiological survey found that patients had come into contact with dead poultry.

According to World Health Organization of human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza confirmed case definition and diagnostic criteria of China, the Ministry of Health human avian influenza prevention and control expert group to determine the cases of human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza confirmed cases.

After the outbreak, the local government in accordance with the "human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza contingency plans" for all close contacts of the implementation of strict medical observation, and timely to conduct a comprehensive epidemiological investigation. Up to now, all close contacts are not unusual clinical manifestations.

It is understood that with this case of the situation, the Ministry of Health has the World Health Organization, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region and the relevant national communications.


China's Shanxi Province confirmed case of human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza cases

The evening of the 17th Shanxi Provincial Health Department informed indirectly, Shanxi confirmed case of human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza cases.

Bulletin, the patient彭某, F, 2-year-old and currently residing in Xiaoyi City, Luliang Prefecture, Shanxi Province. Patients January 7, 2009 the incidence in Hunan, January 11 with the grandparents back to Shanxi, condition worsened after the January 14 Fenyang treatment in hospitals in Shanxi Province, with no significant symptomatic improvement after treatment, was on the 14th later transferred to Children's Hospital of Shanxi Province.

At present, children in a critical condition, the health sector in Shanxi Province is under the guidance of the Ministry of Health expert group to carry out rescue efforts.

January 17, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences review of patient samples for testing, the results for the H5N1 avian influenza virus nucleic acid positive.

According to World Health Organization of human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza confirmed case definition and China's diagnostic standards for human avian influenza prevention and control of the Ministry of Health expert group to determine the cases of human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza confirmed cases.

After the outbreak, the local government attaches great importance to have been in accordance with the "human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza contingency plans", in January 17, 2009 to start a public health emergency Ⅱ-class emergency response and take the appropriate prevention and control measures All close contacts of the implementation of strict medical observation, and actively carry out a comprehensive epidemiological investigation. Up to now all close contacts are not unusual clinical manifestations.

According to the briefing, the case of the situation, the Ministry of Health has the World Health Organization, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions and part of national communications.


China, the Philippines, four were suspected of corruption cases Highway blocked by the World Bank

World Bank (hereinafter referred to as "the World Bank") on the 14th that due to involve the World Bank-funded road project in the Philippines, corruption, including four Chinese companies, including seven companies and one individual sanctions.

These companies will be temporarily or permanently lost their participation in the World Bank-funded projects eligible bidders.

World Bank ranked "blacklist" of the four Chinese companies are China Road and Bridge Group (banned 8 years), China State Construction Engineering Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China State"), China Wuyi Industrial Co., Ltd. (was Ban 6 years), and the China Geo-Engineering Corporation (banned 5 years).

At the same time the Bank ruling stated that if these companies performed well after a few years can reduce or terminate the sanctions.

The matter from 2003, the World Bank under the vice president-level sector institutions clean Bureau (INT) by the survey found that some companies in the Philippines national road improvement and management plan (NRIMP1) projects that exist in the contract bidding irregularities, tender people collusion, resulting in unfair competition, NRIMP1 constitute the rules stipulated in the tender fraud.

Against the sanctions, China yesterday to the "Business News" sent a written affirmed that "the sanctions on the World Bank, the China State Construction materials in the defense against the allegations related to the World Bank to be a detailed and careful and responsible explanation and clarification of road development projects in the Philippines to participate in the bidding process some of the problems, but failed to obtain the World Bank's understanding and recognition, which we deeply regret. "

In a statement sent to this newspaper, China Overseas Business Department spokesman Xiao Hong said that in the external operating activities, with their usual demands included in the building, including the Philippines Ltd. foreign agencies, as well as their staff must be strictly comply with the rules and regulations as well as local laws and regulations of the host country to start a legitimate commercial activity, the same time, they also clearly opposed to any string of corruption and fraud standard of business conduct and other irregularities.

A sanction of the relevant Chinese companies who told this reporter that the bank's project is currently undertaking will not be affected, but the next tender will be affected. He admitted, this sort of thing a great influence on the company's reputation, and reputation as the company's life.

NRIMP1 project aims to help the Philippine government to upgrade its road network construction, funded in part from the world Bank lending 150 million U.S. dollars. After the outcome of the survey, the World Bank to stop about 33 million U.S. dollars allocated to the project.

World Bank's official website, INT, deputy director of Leonard McCarthy said: "This is our most important and most far-reaching one of a case, it is a World Bank survey process and sanctions efficient. The World Bank continue to intensify the anti - corruption at the same time, INT investigation and disciplinary matters will remain vigilant. "

In addition to China's four companies, the World Bank is also a permanent prohibition of the Philippines ECde Luna construction company and its parent company Eduardode Luna funded by the World Bank to participate in bidding for the bank in 2004 to make the most severe sanctions, is the first of a permanent punishment . In addition, the Philippines Cavite Ideal International Construction and Development Company and CM Pancho construction companies are prohibited from 4 years to participate in the bidding. As early as in August last year, the World Bank has been canceled Dongsung Korean construction companies tendering for 4 years.

The World Bank's East Asia Vice President James Adams said: "The abuse of public funds is a widespread problem. This case shows that we should be the possibility of early detection of corruption and take action to investigate, in cooperation with the Philippine government to strengthen the next phase of the project's anti-corruption work. "


Chinese Foreign Ministry: China's relations with the French side can view the key to correct mistakes

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu at today's meeting of Foreign Ministry's regular press conference that the trend of Sino-French relations depends on the French side to correct its possession related to the issue of error.

Jiang Yu said China has always attached importance to Sino-French relations, China has never done damage to the interests of the French side of things. The French side in issues related to possession of the wrong practice of serious damage to China's core interests and damaged the political foundation of Sino-French relations and cooperation in various fields between the two countries in the atmosphere, it also undermines the French in the hearts of the Chinese people's image.

Jiang noted that Sino-French relations under the step-by-step how to, the key is not in order to view the overall situation of relations between the two countries and two peoples and the fundamental interests of the truly great importance to China's solemn stance and reasonable concerns and take practical action to correct involving possession An error on a question to eliminate the negative impact of China's commitment to abide by the one for the improvement of relations between China and France to create the necessary conditions and a good atmosphere.

Hu Jintao: to win the trust of the effectiveness of new anti-corruption

Hu Jintao, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee on January 13 at the 17th session of the Communist Party of China Central Commission for Discipline Inspection third plenary meeting delivered an important speech. He stressed the need to make unremitting efforts to strengthen the leading cadres in party spirit, so that leading cadres at all levels to always maintain the true political qualities, carry forward the party's glorious tradition and fine style of work, establish and adhere to the correct concept of career, work, and political concept, to the fine work style of leading the vast number of party members and the masses of the difficulties, are committed to reforming the total grams of the hard times.

CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin, Li Changchun, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhou Yongkang attended the meeting, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee and Central Commission for Discipline Inspection He Guoqiang, secretary, chaired the meeting.

In his speech, Hu stressed that the party's 17 great years, Party committees at all levels, government, and discipline inspection and supervision organs around the central task, resolutely safeguard the party's discipline, to ensure that the central implementing major policies, in-depth advance of punishing and preventing corruption system, to maintain the strong momentum of punishing corruption, and resolutely rectify the damage to the interests of the masses of the prominent problems persist in deepening reform and innovation system, anti-corruption struggle shown good momentum of development. We should fully understand the long-term anti-corruption struggle, complicated, arduous, and unswervingly strengthen the Party style and clean government and fight corruption, uphold the NPC in a comprehensive way, both punishment and prevention, prevention-oriented approach to style the Independent Commission Against construction and anti-corruption struggle to win the trust of the new results for the reform, development and stability and provide a strong guarantee.

Hu Jintao pointed out that at present, it is necessary to focus on the following aspects of work. First, conscientiously perform their duties of supervision and inspection, and promote the scientific development of major policy decisions and plans are implemented. To carry out the central expanding domestic demand, promoting economic growth policies and measures for the implementation of the inspection, to ensure that central policies and measures put in place. Second, leading cadres to strengthen the education and supervision, to ensure the correct exercise of power. To enhance the sense of honesty and self-discipline of leading cadres, leading cadres honest and self-disciplined implementation of the provisions. To strengthen inner-party supervision, and enhance the effectiveness of inner-party supervision. Third, intensify the investigation and handling cases of work, and make efforts to resolve the problem of corruption in key areas. Seriously investigate and deal with leading organs and leading cadres in the abuse of power, corruption, bribery, corruption, dereliction of duty cases, and never allow corrupt elements managed to escape the punishment of party discipline and state law. Is necessary to intensify efforts to prevent corruption, and truly raise the level of supervision. Fourth, the strong reaction among the masses solve the outstanding problems, and firmly safeguard the vital interests of the masses. We should focus on resolving the problem of strong resentment among the masses, it is necessary to thoroughly carry out the rectification of special treatment, but also the formation of long-term mechanism to combat practices.

Hu stressed that, in the face of complex and changeable international situation and the arduous task of domestic reform and development, to maintain stable and rapid economic development and maintaining social harmony and stability, leading cadres at all levels must establish and carry forward the good work style. Style of leading cadres, in the final analysis the question of party spirit. Correct style of party spirit is pure, impure party spirit and style are not correct. To adhere to the Deng Xiaoping Theory and the "Three Represents" as guidance, in-depth implementation of the scientific development concept, conscientiously comply with the socialist core value system, adhere to the theory and practice, adhere to inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of unity of the spirit of the times, adhering to transforming the objective world and the subjective world unity, persist in strengthening the personal cultivation and education oversight harmonize efforts to make leading cadres at all levels to become a political firm, a fine style of work, strict discipline and work diligently for the people, dedication, honest and clean the leading cadres, give full play to the exemplary and leading role.

Hu Jintao pointed out that at present, it is necessary to focus on the following six aspects of work. First, focus on enhancing the concept of purpose, and make sure that serving the public interests and governing for the people. To adhere to the people-oriented, adhere to ask the government to the people and asked the people to be asked of the people, and do more to public opinion, alleviate people's worries, by Minli the practical efforts to solve problems of the masses are implemented. Second, focus on improving the practical ability to effectively use the party's scientific theories to guide practice. To firmly establish the practice of Marxist viewpoint, the party's scientific theories and practice of reform, development and stability combine to seriously study and solve practical problems, and continuously improve the entrepreneurial capacity of the Director-General, and constantly enhance the ability of coping with complicated situations. Third, efforts to strengthen a sense of responsibility, and earnestly carry out the party and the people of the duties entrusted. We should bear in mind the party and the people's trust, strengthen the sense of responsibility, the effort to implement on the next, hard to complete the delivery of organizational tasks. Fourth, efforts to establish a correct view of achievements, the effective planning of development in accordance with objective laws. To seek the truth and pragmatic, work diligently and review the facts, tell the truth, solidly raise our strength, the real, do solid work, seek practical results, and strive to make a stand the practice, the people, the history of test performance. Fifth, focus on the interests of a correct concept and effectively to the interests of the people in the first place. To the people's interests first, adhere to the realization of the individual pursuit and the achievement of the party's objectives, the interests of the people even closer together, not for selfish by interference, not for fame or fortune by tired, not for the material by the confusion, hard to put into practice noble life communists价值. Sixth, we focus on strengthening the Party's discipline, and effectively protect the party's unity. To strictly observe party discipline and adhere to democratic centralism, consciously with the Party Central Committee ideologically, politically and in action to maintain a high degree of unity to ensure that the central government decrees. Under the current circumstances, insist on hard work is of great practical significance. Leading cadres at all levels must vigorously carry forward the spirit of hard struggle, firmly establish the concept of living an austere life, through thrift and hard work to do all the cause of truth, do solid work.

Hu stressed that Party committees at all levels to strengthen leadership cadres in party spirit, to establish and carry forward the fine style of work as a major political task to strengthen the leadership cadres of party spirit, as an important element in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development activities. Party organizations at all levels to strengthen leadership cadres in party spirit and style of form into the party the party strictly in the work and measures.

Hu Jintao pointed out that the discipline inspection and supervision organs of the anti-corruption campaign shouldering heavy responsibility the party and the people have entrusted to me. Discipline inspection and supervision of cadres should have a strong party spirit and a good style, dared to play against all kinds of unhealthy practices and irregularities in resolute struggle against the duty to do. Party committees at all levels should strengthen their anti-corruption work of the leadership and support the work of discipline inspection and supervision organs, promote the implementation of the anti-corruption campaign tasks.


China planning to revitalize the fastest car out tomorrow

To save China's auto industry is expected to revive the planning become a reality tomorrow. The reporter learned from people close to policy-makers to receive the news shows that the biggest concern to the industry exempted from 2.0L model following the purchase of tax relief for low-emission models such as the consumption tax will soon be a major positive authentication.

The Canton of local car manufacturers in an interview with this newspaper also said "If the revitalization of planning for the automobile market will obviously have a strong pulling effect."

According to reports, the car revitalization planning initial introduction of a specific time tomorrow, is also possible that the day after tomorrow. A source close to policy-makers sources pointed out: "Today's market has affected the normal sales volume, the more drag back the more unfavorable, the recent introduction of appropriate measures to rescue the market without delay." It is understood that the current program has been largely completed, the overall objectives and framework have been identified, but the details have not yet been fully agreed upon, at any time, there will be a new situation.

Among them, a lot of heated discussions before the speculation of some policies, such as exemption from 2.0L or 1.6L model following the acquisition of tax; free 1.0L model following the consumption tax, will be the following models 1.6L consumption tax from 3 percent down to 1%; scrapped the compulsory one year ahead of schedule will give the vehicle a few hundred dollars of subsidies are likely to become a reality. However, some sources, the exemption from vehicle purchase tax 2.0L following response to the economic crisis is only a temporary solution, valid for six months, of course, will not rule out the possibility of extended. And support auto finance, automobile credit, for new energy vehicles for tax concessions or financial subsidies, strengthening of government procurement on the proportion of independent brands and other related policies are included. Co-national passenger information Tatsu Rao, Secretary-General has repeatedly suggested that the state should relax the conditions for a car loan, implementation and real estate consumer credit interest rates similar to the policy, and gradually promote the housing provident fund to the housing and automobile consumption in transition fund.

Reporter was informed that the goals of the plan to revitalize car in 3 years, automobile production and sales increase of 1.5 times GDP, which is in the GDP "Paul 8" under the premise of 12 percent annually car. However, in planning for the revitalization of the former, because of the domestic automobile market remains in the doldrums, the performance of the majority of car manufacturers was very "low profile" on the automobile market next year, mostly to "bad to say" to express concern on the automobile market prospects, and their consumption tax, the acquisition of tax policy was very urgent.

Compared to previous years, more than 20% of the domestic automobile market growth in the overall automobile market in 2008 snowstorm in the south, Sichuan earthquake and the international financial crisis, the growth rate declined month by month. Related statistics show that in 2008 passenger cars grew less than 7 percent, in addition to Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Honda, BYD, most car prices are not completed in early 2008 to develop goals.

China calls on all parties to the conflict between Palestine and Israel to comply with Security Council resolutions

Chinese Middle East Special Envoy Sun Bigan on the 12th visit to Egypt called on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict the parties concerned to comply with UN Security Council Resolution 1860 resolution and immediately stop all military action and called for the delivery of humanitarian supplies to Gaza.

Sun Bigan the day with Egyptian Foreign Minister Aboul Gheit held talks on a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip as soon as possible to ease the humanitarian crisis in Gaza to carry out consultations.

Sun Bigan made the Chinese Government for the present situation in Gaza, a five-point proposal: First, require the parties to comply with Security Council resolutions, to stop military action to avoid more casualties; II opened to the Gaza Strip as soon as possible to provide food, medicine and fuel, such as humanitarian relief the stability of supplies channels, to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the authorities concerned should make the necessary security; Third, the parties concerned to consult the Gaza cease-fire a long-term establishment and oversight mechanisms; Fourth, the resumption of Palestinian-Israeli peace talks as soon as possible, based on mutual trust find a solution to issues related to the final status of Palestine, for the early realization of an independent Palestinian state, Palestine and Israel "two state" of peaceful coexistence; five, the international community to further promote the Middle East issue a comprehensive, just and lasting solution.

Sun Bigan also said that China is willing to work together with the parties concerned for an early realization of Middle East peace, stability and make unremitting efforts.

Aboul Gheit in the talks to the Sun Bigan informed of the latest developments in the situation in the Gaza situation. He said that Egypt will further pay the mediation efforts, and hoped that China would be able to play a role in alleviating the situation in Gaza.

Sun Bigan arrived in Egypt that morning, and the League of Arab States Secretary-General Amr Moussa held talks to discuss the situation in Gaza. Since then, he will also travel to Israel and the Palestinians, to ease the situation in Gaza and ease the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and efforts.

China will for the first time the implementation of the structural details of upcoming tax cuts

To cope with the global financial crisis, the recent closing of the central economic work conference to "to maintain stable and rapid economic development" a clear economic work in 2009 as a top priority. Subsequently, in 2009 the focus of China's financial work has also surfaced.

Finance Minister Xie Xuren January 5 in the national financial meeting that 2009 will be the fiscal and taxation reforms in 2008 the basis of steady progress, and vigorously promote the reform of taxation system. Financial work in 2009 will focus on: the implementation of the proactive fiscal policy to expand the government's public investment, tax cuts, as well as the implementation of structural adjustment of national income distribution pattern, and optimize the structure of financial expenditure, and promote financial and taxation system reform.

Analysis of industry experts pointed out that "the implementation of structural tax cuts" will become China's tax policies in 2009 a major bright spot.

Structural details of upcoming tax cuts

In the recently held national financial work conference, Finance Minister Xie Xuren said that this year will be the implementation of structural tax reduction policy, and clearly pointed out the structural tax cuts in 2009 to increase and tax relief.

According to Minister Xie Xuren, the tax relief this year are: continue to implement the waiver to levy savings deposits and securities transaction tax on interest income settlement funds to reduce the rate of stamp duty on securities transactions and impose unilateral policies; the implementation of housing transactions to reduce the revenue policy; adjust and perfect the export tax rebate tariff policy; unified停征cancellation and 100 administrative fees.

Increase taxes are: the appropriate resources to expand the scope of tax; improve the consumption tax system, some of the serious pollution of the environment, a large number of products the consumption of resources into the tax; unifying foreign-funded enterprises and personal property tax, urban construction tax, such as教育费附加system to study the environmental taxes and related tax reform program.

Persons connected with the Ministry of Finance to accept the "China Economic Weekly" said in an interview that, from the perspective of the tax, the current relatively clear gains tax cut policy is in transition, that is, by the growth of value-added tax to consumption-based.

VAT is the first big tax. The State Council decided from January 1, 2009 transition from the full implementation of value-added tax reform, to encourage enterprises to conduct technological transformation.

Industry analysts believe that this reform, where the majority of production enterprises, will directly reduce the additional fixed assets depreciation each extraction as well as enterprise management costs, value-added tax on companies to reduce expenses and increase profitability will have a positive impact.

"We now have a better value-added tax to emphasize that transformation, not only to optimize the tax structure, but also to make the tax system and the entire tax structure is more reasonable and more equitable, both for enterprises with high technical content, or relatively low technical content industry, the future alike a; but also to encourage those with high technical content of the enterprises in independent innovation and technological progress, which is bound to alleviate the burden of enterprises will be. "Ministry of Finance related to the" China Economic Weekly "analysis.

Apart from the transformation of value-added tax, according to Finance and Trade by an expert from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to the "China Economic Weekly", the fuel tax, import duty on the export and import, export tax rebates, as well as the personal income tax, will be structured in this year's tax reduction measures out.

"These are discussed for many years a major tax reform framework has been basically formed. And some small taxes, the operation is not without too much difficulty. Therefore, the tax rules should be introduced soon." The expert said that the characteristics of this year's Policy is action, and sell quickly, "If you do not help in an emergency, that is a mistake, that is, not as a government department." Therefore, various government departments are fully committed to address the financial crisis.

6000000000000 tax revenue is the basis of

Structural tax cuts, in a nutshell, is the "increases and decreases, the structural adjustment" of a tax reform program. "Structural tax" concept first appeared in the recently-concluded Central Economic Work Conference. Central Economic Work Conference stressed the need to greatly increase public spending, the protection of key areas and key construction spending to support the reconstruction of earthquake-stricken disaster recovery, the implementation of structural tax cuts, and optimize the structure of fiscal expenditure.

According to the experts, "structural tax" before the concept, the relevant tax reform and tax adjustments, collectively referred to as "structural adjustment" in the tax levels are maintained under the premise of the increases and decreases, while the "structure of tax cuts, "although also" increases and decreases, "but the overall level of tax burden dropped.

Academy of Social Sciences, deputy director of the Institute of Finance and Trade Gao Peiyong a recent interview with the media, said that the core content of structural tax reduction is, of course, tax cuts, but its behind with special meanings: First, the face of the global financial crisis, the current growth in the fundamental approach to security is to expand domestic demand, while expanding domestic demand is nothing more than financially by increasing government spending and reduce government tax revenue in two ways. Among them, in order to cut taxes to expand the residents and businesses in disposable income, thereby stimulating consumer demand and investment demand, with fundamental significance. Second, China's current tax structure is also a need to implement structural optimization of the important reasons for tax cuts.

Told reporters the industry analysis, structural tax cuts intended to reduce the tax burden from the volume level; mainly from optimization of tax structure, the service of economic growth and economic development to proceed the way the changing demands of its end-result is to reduce corporate and personal tax burden.

According to the Ministry of Finance estimated that January 1, 2009 to start the implementation of value-added tax reform is expected to reduce 120 billion yuan of fiscal revenue. At the same time, raising the export tax rebate rates also reduce the tax burden for businesses an important way. In the personal tax burden, the tax threshold is expected to further improve. If this tax at the same time several major tax cuts, state revenue is bound to be reduced accordingly.

"Implementation of structural and tax cuts, from this year, the value-added tax transformation will lead to a decrease in tax revenue, but to achieve a number of advantages: First, establishing a relatively good tax system; Second, a more equitable tax burden; Third, also reached in the near future to increase the business purpose of its own funds; more long term, or conducive to economic development, if development of the economy, ultimately will broaden the tax base, or at least will increase the tax base. "relevant parties to the Ministry of Finance told reporters optimistically.

"Now is not short of money Financial. China's tax rate is generally higher than the developed countries and some developing countries, to take this opportunity to cut down, so that the relative balance of the tax burden on businesses and future development of our country is perhaps a good thing." Academy of Social Sciences, the experts in finance and trade to the "China Economic Weekly" analysis.

U.S. "Forbes" magazine in 2007 had issued a "Global Tax Misery Index", the index shows that China's tax burden is second only to France, Belgium, ranked third in the world.

"It could perhaps be doubted whether such a 'burden' of the scientific ranking, but the reality of the public's tax burden is too high has been calling constantly. According to the Chinese tax status quo, go with the global tax trends and its impact, China should improve the tax system based on the modest tax cuts, select 'improving the tax system, a modest tax cut' policy of tax reform is bound to various aspects of the national economy will have a significant impact. "one of the industry told reporters that the tax burden should not too high, otherwise the enterprise the enthusiasm will be relatively poor, will weaken the vitality.

According to the Ministry of Finance Minister Xie Xuren in the national financial conference presentations, and in 2008 the overall revenue growth is expected to the country's financial revenues in 2008 will exceed 6 trillion yuan, an increase of 19%.

"The figure for the implementation of structural and tax cuts this year have laid a solid foundation. From the tax reform their own point of view, in the present context the introduction of some measures to optimize the tax structure is more suitable." Academy of Social Sciences, Finance and Trade, told reporters the experts analysis.

At present it is the best time for tax cuts

In November last year, China implemented a 4-year-old was finally out of sound fiscal policy "behind the scenes", expansionary fiscal policy (that is, the proactive fiscal policy) further step forward. State Administration of Taxation, deputy director of the original许善达pointed out that the expansionary fiscal policy should include two aspects, namely, investment and tax cuts.

The Asian crisis in 1998, China implemented a proactive fiscal policy, but only contains the contents of issuing treasury bonds, there is no tax cuts. Why should we in the crisis began to implement structural tax cuts?

Ministry of Finance director of the Institute of Fiscal Science Jia to the "China Economic Weekly" said that this round of fiscal policy and economic environment is very similar to 1998, but suffered greater external shocks. Fiscal policy in 2009 covering the central economic work conference stressed the security growth, expanding domestic demand, transfer the contents of the structure, but in fact there is to "promote reform" and so on.

According to the Academy of Social Sciences, finance and trade experts to "China Economic Weekly" analysis, in 1998 the proportion of tax revenue accounted for GDP is still relatively low, tax revenue was 122.5 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of GDP to 11 percent, by reducing the stimulating effect on the economy is not too much; in recent years, the overall strength of China's tax revenue continued to increase. China's total tax revenue in 2007 nearly 5 trillion yuan, accounting for the proportion of GDP reached 22 percent, tax cuts to stimulate economic development will have an influence.

"Tax stimulus to the economy itself is assisted, if the volume is too small, or too low, to stimulate the economy of the role played by the even less. Therefore, at this time, implementation of structural and tax cuts, the timing is very good." The experts said.

Yang Jiechi visit to Africa on his way met with Omani Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on the 12th visit to Africa in the way of transit Oman Oman during the meeting with Allawi, Minister in charge of foreign affairs. The two sides on the further development of Sino-Arab friendship and cooperation-depth exchange of views. The two sides agreed to continue to maintain high-level visits and multi-level exchanges; to further tap the potential of bilateral economic cooperation, expand two-way investment and bilateral trade and strengthen bilateral cooperation in energy, infrastructure construction, agriculture, culture, education, health and other fields and cooperation; to strengthen China and Gulf Cooperation Council collective cooperation.

With regard to the Palestinian-Israeli situation, Yang said the Chinese side is deeply worried about the situation of Palestine and Israel and called on the parties concerned an immediate cease-fire, urged Israel to immediately withdraw its troops. China has consistently advocated that the two sides in the relevant United Nations resolutions, the "land for peace" principle, "the Arab peace initiative" and the "road map" plan based on the settlement of disputes through political negotiations. China is ready, including Oman and other Arab countries and the international community to accelerate the political settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli issue to play a constructive role.

China's accession to the Inter-American Development Bank Group

China's accession to the Inter-American Development Bank Group, the signing ceremony on the 12th in Washington, DC Inter-American Development Bank Headquarters. This makes China officially became the Inter-American Development Bank Group under the Inter-American Development Bank, the Inter-American Investment Corporation and the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Member States.

Chinese Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong, attended the signing ceremony, and on behalf of the Chinese Government signed the deposit of the relevant legal documents. Moreno-American Development Bank, the Organization of American States Secretary-General Insulza and a total of more than 200 guests attended the signing ceremony.

Zhou Wenzhong said the signing ceremony, after years of efforts, China has finally officially became the Inter-American Development Bank Group member countries, of great significance. China's accession to the Inter-American Development Bank in line with the interests of all parties will strengthen cooperation between China and Latin America to provide a new platform and opportunities, China and Latin America is mutually beneficial and win-win option. China formally joined the Inter-American Development Bank Group will be followed by member states to fulfill obligations, and the region and beyond Member States to strengthen policy coordination and cooperation, active participation in the Inter-American Development Bank affairs, to promote the two sides in trade financing and infrastructure construction of common concern The cooperation in the field, and jointly promote the Latin American and Caribbean region, poverty reduction and economic and social development.

Moreno on China's accession to the Inter-American Development Bank Group, said. He said that China is an important Latin American investment and trade partners, especially in the current context of financial crisis, China's accession to the Inter-American Development Bank Group to promote Latin America and the Caribbean poverty reduction and development cause a more significant meaning.

Inter-American Development Bank Group, founded in 1959, is headquartered in the U.S. capital of Washington, is the world's oldest and largest regional intergovernmental development finance institutions, and its purpose is to promote Latin America and the Caribbean economic and social development. China is the Group's 48th member, People's Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan and Deputy Governor Hu Xiaolian, respectively, as the Inter-American Development Bank and the Inter-American Investment Corporation director and deputy director of China.


Wen Jiabao: China to the financial crisis in the recovery and revitalization of the earliest

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on January 9 to 11, an inspection tour in Jiangsu Province, he said, it is necessary to build confidence, difficulties in the financial crisis as early recovery and revitalization.

Six months ago, Premier Wen Jiabao visited Jiangsu study the situation of economic operations. He every enterprise, mentioning the most or a "confidence" word. In Jinling Petrochemical Corporation, Wen Jiabao told us that:

"This time I went to Jiangsu, I see Jiangsu economic and business still faced with difficulties, but I am feeling better than last. Why? Leadership, the spirit of enterprise employees have undergone tremendous changes. We deal with financial crisis half a year came to today, it can be said that we have taken policy measures have achieved initial results. Although this effect is not large, but it has strengthened our confidence to overcome difficulties, with the confidence we have the courage, there are ways, there is capacity to overcome the difficulties ahead. "

In the evening with the responsible persons of the forum, Wen said that in December the economic situation better than expected, some economic indicators have warmer signs, a number of business sales began to pick up stocks began to decline in consumption began to rise.

"I said, leaders must have confidence in the development of enterprises have confidence in investing in, the residents should have confidence in consumption, the National People on the future of the country reported to have confidence."

More than half a year ago, Premier Wen Jiabao went to several provinces and municipalities in the operation of research to guide the economy, in July in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in August, September to Tianjin, in October to Guangxi, Zhejiang in November, again to Guangdong, Shanghai, to Chongqing in December. New Year's Day this year went to Shandong. Every one place, to put it most, or "confidence."

"I am determined to be around 4, has been talking about confidence, has been referred to us to overcome the financial crisis has brought us the difficulties of our economy to revive. I know that this day will always come."

Are confident that is not enough light, but also have the means. Wen said the two sessions this year ago, a series of measures will be introduced.

"Central to develop a package of plans is included in the three schemes. Of course, mainly to expand domestic demand to promote economic growth in 10 major measures, which is the core of 10 major measures to implement the proactive fiscal policy and loose monetary policy, especially with large-scale financial investment to promote economic development. The second plan is a correlation, and the industrial chain of long, far-reaching impact on the national economy in key industries, it is necessary to develop the restructuring and revitalization of the planning. Third, is to our original set science and technology and long-term planning, prepared to invest 600 billion, and six of them with the current major projects closely linked to economic development, we must accelerate the development and advance, as a scientific and technological support. "

Wen also said that both the central policy, local policy, or an enterprise measures must抓早, firmly, grasping a thorough, can not give up halfway.

"We are China's objectives, that is, in this financial crisis, should be the earliest recovery and revitalization of them. We must have this belief and determination!"

Wen Jiabao: Central expanding domestic demand and measures to initial results in some places

According to Xinhua News Agency, January 9-11, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Wen Jiabao to an inspection tour in Jiangsu Province, he enterprises, markets, schools and communities, held a forum on the current economic situation to carry out investigation and study, a wide range of cadres and the masses to listen to comments and suggestions. Wen Jiabao stressed the need to unify our thinking, strengthen confidence, pay close attention to implementation, so that the country introduced a package of expanding domestic demand, growth in security policies and measures as early as effective.

Enterprises should be bold in making innovations

9 pm, Wen Jiabao came to the shore of the Jiangyin Yangtze River study.

Sunshine Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-grade wool textile and apparel enterprises, in the exhibition hall, the Wen seriously View products enterprises. The company told the Prime Minister, despite the crisis-affected prices of its export products has declined, but businesses continue to rely on the introduction of new products, orders have been reduced. Well-known brands in the international order, they have priority. Very pleased to hear Premier Wen Jiabao, and encouraged them to break in the international market larger world. Prime Minister told us that the country's support policies for business development have provided a favorable external conditions, but only the courage to enterprise innovation and open up markets in order to withstand the test of storms.

During the inspection tour, Wen Jiabao chaired a forum of entrepreneurs, and seriously listen to your views and join the discussion and the restructuring and revitalization of the industry approach. Wen Jiabao said, in the face of international financial crisis, one must establish a firm confidence. Package adopted by the central authorities expand domestic demand, growth in security policies and measures have been in some localities and fields begin to see results, some companies started to increase product sales, inventories began to decrease in electricity consumption began to recover, a number of economic indicators has shown signs of improvement. In the international financial turmoil, China's financial sector remained stable. As long as we persevere in its efforts, in the face of difficulties to stand up firmly to live, there is hope for an early realization of economic recovery and revitalization. Second, it is necessary both temporary and permanent cures, combining distance.

At present, we should firmly seize the capital growth in this most important task, using a large-scale financial investment to promote economic growth. At the same time, long-term perspective, the expansion of domestic demand with the industry restructuring and revitalization, and the technological transformation and innovation. Third, unify our thinking and vigorous implementation. Whether it is the implementation of central policies, or local governments, enterprises measures taken, we can not delay, fall by the wayside. We should do a good job, firmly. The implementation of measures earlier, we have to deal with the financial crisis will be more a source of strength, enterprises will reduce the number of losses.抓早the radar screen, arrested late achieve very little.

A piece of advice to students in the deep feeling the cold wind

On the 10th morning, Premier Wen Jiabao arrived in Changzhou City of Higher Vocational Education Park. In the third grade classroom, students are on courses. To see the prime minister has come, we have requested the Prime Minister to say a few words. Wen Jiabao of the students said that to address the financial crisis, the need to address two important issues: First, to maintain stable and rapid economic development without major fluctuations, and the other is to ensure employment without causing a large number of people unemployed. Solving the employment problem, it must rely on development, but also through training to improve skills of workers. Vocational education directly to the employment services, should be the whole society's attention and support.

Out of school buildings, the cold wind on thousands of students spontaneously waiting in the square. See the Prime Minister, we boiling up. Looking at the dynamic face, Wen Jiabao handheld microphone深情地对students said: "We have seen from them the country's future and hope, but also strengthened our confidence in overcoming difficulties, courage and strength. You should strive to learning. Knowledge is power, knowledge is safety, knowledge is happiness. knowledge can change people's destiny, but also determines the future of their country. at the vocational school to learn, not only to understand the knowledge, but also to acquire new skills, but also to learn how to survive. I hope that you Exercise can grow into all-round development of people, with their ability to serve the people. "

Let the masses have a good year

Nanjing was ablaze with lights at night. 10 the evening, Wen went to Suguo supermarkets, understanding festival market supply. Here decorated, all kinds of merchandise range, we are busy preparing New Year. Wen Jiabao came on the second floor from the first floor, third floor, in a counter View detail and variety of commodity prices. He said that expanding domestic demand to promote economic growth, to rely on the most fundamental driving consumption, especially in final consumption. To seize the New Year and Spring Festival consumption season, do a good job in sales. He asked the person in charge of the supermarket to do a good job in service to ensure product quality, so that ordinary people buy at ease.

In the non-staple foods counter, an elderly person is to buy commodities. Wen Jiabao shook his hand and asked in detail about the preparations for New Year. When I heard he is a retired workers petrochemical enterprises, Wen asked the State to continue to improve this year, the pension of retired workers, to get yet? Replied the elderly, have been notified, which went from a few days. Wen Jiabao said with a smile, not only this year, next year, the year after next would also like to raise, so that retired workers越过越好days. He also tell you that the central finance has allocated 9.0 billion of emergency, given the difficulties of urban and rural life of the masses and one-time subsidies for entitled groups, so that everyone had a good festival.

To see the prime minister has come, we Chung over. Wen Jiabao shook hands with everyone in advance to extend festive greetings. He told us that, we must备足New Year, had a good year.

To leave the supermarket, Wen Jiabao came to the Xuanwu district锁金three village communities. In weight-old Zhang, the Wen Jiabao took his wife's hand sitting in the living room sofa, inquired in detail about the living conditions at home. Zhang told the prime minister re-high, they are moved after the demolition of the community, old married couple has been retired. Communities there are leisure room, library, fitness places, life is very convenient and wife dance team or community activists. New Year at home about to prepare. Wen smiled and said to them: "wish you越活越young!"

To leave the community when it is 10 o'clock at night.


China's economy is to withstand the most severe challenges of this century

China's National Bureau of Statistics Yao Jingyuan, chief economist of the 10th at Beijing University Guanghua School of Management at the New Year's Forum said that since the U.S. sub-loan crisis triggered by the impact of the financial tsunami, the Chinese economy is growing downward pressure on the Chinese economy is facing in this century the most serious difficulties and challenges. But China's economic fundamentals are good, the future of China's economic confidence.

Yao Jingyuan that despite this year's economic situation is more severe, especially in China's export situation is more severe, but based on scientific analysis of macroeconomic and judge that China's economic fundamentals are good, the current most important thing is to strengthen confidence.

Yao pointed out that the reform and opening up the past three decades, China's economic growth rate of 9.8 percent on average. From economic growth, employment rate, price and international balance of payments four evaluation indicators, China's economic fundamentals are good. 2008 1-3 quarter, China's GDP growth of 9.9 percent, the fourth quarter of China's economic growth rate will remain at more than 9 percent, despite great pressure, but the year 2008 China's economic growth remained at the speed of China's reform and opening three decades the average growth rate range.

"China's mobile phone in 1989 to maintain the volume of only 10,000 at that time we expect that in 2000 China's mobile phone holdings will reach 800,000, but in 2000 the volume of Chinese mobile phone holders in fact has been achieved 87000000, and in 2007, China's mobile phone ownership has more than 500 million. "optimistic, said Yao Jingyuan, China's economic development three decades of practice has proved that China's economic forecasts are basically inaccurate and should be looking at the development and changes in China's economic development. In a long time to come, industrialization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization will be to support China's economic development and the basic force.

Yao Jingyuan think, strengthen confidence, one of China's economic fundamentals are good, the second is to look at policy. The Chinese government has adopted a proactive fiscal policy and a moderate easing of monetary policy, capital growth at the same time, expanding domestic demand, namely, the expansion of investment, expand consumption, and resolve of China's economy but also deep-rooted problems that continue to adjust the economic structure.


Chinese Minister of Construction Length: 600 billion fund will be invested by idle fitness room building

January 9, housing and urban-rural Construction Jiang Weixin, Minister in the National Construction Work Conference that in 2008 the size of the National Housing Fund to pay to reach 2.02 trillion yuan, while the idle fund in support of affordable housing, such as the protection of the pilot Housing construction work will start, up to 6,000 billion idle gate opening run provident fund affordable housing, such as construction, real estate in 2009 will be an important pawn in the New Deal.

In addition to continuing efforts to increase housing security, the requirements of Jiang Weixin local governments responsible for the stability of the real estate market, provincial governments for the regional real estate market overall responsibility for people, cities and county government is responsible for the provincial government.

In stabilizing the real estate market means, Jiang Weixin said that local governments in accordance with the actual introduction of local policies, but in 2009 local policies to strengthen the seriousness and legitimacy, so the local government authority are not allowed to introduce the tax, financial, etc. to stimulate the real estate market policy.

Idle 600 billion fund to open title

December 21, 2008, the State Council promulgated the "Regulations on the real estate market to promote the healthy development of a number of opinions" (State Office No. 131, hereinafter referred to as "No. 131"). Which stipulates that the exploration of idle fund for affordable housing construction.

Jiang Weixin building work in the above-mentioned meeting, disclosed that on the idle fund for affordable housing, such as the construction of the pilot program is under development, to be published program, the local government should actively cooperate in this task.

It is understood that in the country do, "No. 131" is issued, the Ministry of Construction of housing and urban and rural areas began to seek a pilot program content and pilot cities. In many parts of the city are very enthusiastic, because affordable housing, such as housing construction funds for the protection of the problem is a troublesome issue for local governments, and the housing accumulation fund is also a small number of local governments to draw on financial resources.

Jiang Weixin said that preliminary statistics, in 2008 the national housing fund to pay the balance reached 2.02 trillion yuan, an increase of 24.9 percent. Personal loans reached 601.7 billion yuan, an increase of 18.6 percent. To pay a total of 73 million people, an increase of 1.6%.

Shanghai Provident Fund Fellow at the Center for Cong-cheng told reporters earlier, according to 2007 data, the National Provident Fund reckoned idle about 400 billion yuan. The National Provident Fund in 2008 raised the ratio of deposit to a large extent, when new fund to pay scale has reached more than 4000 billion yuan, the current size of the National Provident Fund has been idle for nearly 600 billion yuan.

Although local municipalities in the pilot cities to apply for the fund are very enthusiastic, but the Ministry of Construction of housing and urban and rural areas in the selected pilot cities is very cautious when. Jiang Weixin said that the idle fund for affordable housing, such as the construction of the pilot work together is not easy.

It is reported that Shanghai is expected to fund selected pilot cities, while the Shanghai Provident Fund Management Center Cui Sheng, Chief Economist, January 8 also said that once the successful applicants in Shanghai fund pilot cities, idle fund for low-cost housing construction will exceed the support of issuing the currency now subsidies the way to direct for the construction of low-cost housing.

Jiang Weixin day meeting that began this year to fund the revision of regulations to strengthen fund management, information openness and transparency and supervision this year, provident fund management center to the person in charge to carry out a training information system in improving the provident fund.

Housing is not abandoned by the right to build

Idle 600 billion fund after the gate opening, will be used mainly for affordable housing, such as the protection of housing construction. And protection from the current housing products, the only affordable housing can be achieved out of the provident fund. As the idle fund belonging to the principal part of payers, it is necessary to establish investment - efficiency - to withdraw from the management mechanism.

However, the housing construction sector embarrassing is that the situation in the real estate downturn, many local governments to abandon the construction of affordable housing. Changed to affordable housing "by the two."

Small size, low-cost affordable housing by the local government into low-cost housing construction, management, a number of large units are affordable housing as a local government to sell real estate. At the same time, some local governments to suspend the construction of affordable housing instead of market-oriented acquisitions.

In this regard, Jiang Weixin said the affordable housing in a certain period of time is still the domestic housing security system is a necessary component. Local governments can be the basis to adjust the actual situation of local affordable housing construction, but to insist on the building. In 2009, the National still have to complete the construction of affordable housing is the number of 1,300,000 units, this number can not be reduced.

Jiang Weixin said that in 2008 the building of low-rent housing system has invested 35.4 billion yuan was invested in 2007 of 3.7 times. In 2008, the central budget put aside a total low-rent housing subsidies 6.8 billion. The fourth quarter, in response to the global financial crisis, the State Council to expand domestic demand to promote economic growth in a strategic decision, and added the central low-cost housing construction subsidies 7.5 billion has been issued around the decomposition into specific projects. At the same time, the central and western standards of grants from the central 200 yuan per square meter to 300 yuan, 300 yuan per square meter in the western region increased to 400.

Meanwhile, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Construction of housing and urban and rural areas together on the issue of low-cost housing construction has done a study that the lack of matching local funds, prepared in 2009 in the above criteria on the basis of the further increase in the central finance the western region of the grant efforts.

Jiang Weixin said that in 2009, China will continue to comprehensively promote the protection of housing construction, 2.6 million to resolve the housing difficulties of urban low-income family housing; solution 800,000 live in the coal mines, forests, reclamation area shantytowns housing families housing issues; add 1.3 million affordable housing units. The central and western regions of the central financial subsidy standards, will be the basis of 2008 to further enhance and strengthen the protection of housing credit support.

It is learned that the Ministry of Construction of housing and urban and rural areas at the same time, "Housing Security Act," included in the legislative agenda. And had been, there is news that the sector may be issued only in the short term a "housing Protection Ordinance" to protect the existing housing of some good practices to consolidate down. Construction of housing and urban and rural areas to increase housing security legislation, and also indicates that covered the whole era of housing security.

The local authority are not allowed to "rescue the market"

The implementation of the State Council, "No. 131" measures to stabilize the real estate market will be around the government's major tasks in 2009.

Jiang Weixin said the real estate industry is an important pillar of the national economy industries, and in 2009 the work of economic growth, security, real estate is more important to focus.

Jiang Weixin said that stability in the region in 2009 the real estate market stability is the primary person in charge of provincial government, which layers of decomposition, layers of implementation. Countries will increase the real estate market monitoring and control efforts, the city will be the real estate information collection expanded to 40 from 90, the real estate situation analysis in 2009 will become an important means of macroeconomic control.

In 2009, the central level will continue to strengthen macro-control real estate inter-ministerial joint conference system, also requires local governments have been established in 2009 in real estate joint control system. Jiang Weixin request, the provincial government departments in the establishment of such a system, based on the 2009 quarterly report to the local real estate market situation to the Ministry of Construction of housing and urban and rural areas for the national macro-control policy-making.

Jiang Weixin said the government departments in 2009 to guide vendors to actively adjust prices in order to promote home sales. To this end, because of price cuts on some social issues, local government departments to guide the buyers in accordance with the contract and take the legal channels. At the same time, real estate enterprises should also shoulder social responsibility and a positive sale. State support for small and medium-size general merchandise sales of housing and at the same time tighten the financial support of housing developers, especially in construction projects in support of credit funds. Positive on real estate loans in support of mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions in support of real estate enterprises.

For all levels of government in 2008 launched one after another local real estate market stabilization policies, Jiang Weixin support. But he also stressed that in 2009 the local real estate market stabilization policies should be further standardized, and not to introduce some local governments beyond the scope of their authority taxation, land use policies and so on.

China's 70 large and medium-sized cities in 3 years, year-on-year prices fell for the first time

House prices fell year-on-year to enter the space. According to National Development and Reform Commission, the National Bureau of Statistics data released yesterday, in December last year, 70 large and medium-sized cities nationwide housing sales price fell 0.4 percent, or lower in November than the 0.6 percentage point decrease by 0.5%.

This is the index since July 2005 to start publication of the data the first time since the year-on-year decline in housing prices.

Sub-regional perspective, and there will be some more remote cities in new house prices rose a larger year-on-year, mainly include: Yinchuan 9.1 percent, 5.3 percent in Urumqi, Xining 4.9 percent, Haikou and Guiyang were 4.5 percent and so on. Year-on-year price decline in 21 cities, including Shenzhen, 18.1 percent decline is still living in the country, fell more in other cities including Guangzhou 9.4 percent, 5.8 percent in Nanjing, Chongqing and Xiamen 5.2 percent, such as 4.4 percent.

Only four cities in Central than rising prices, including 0.3 percent of Jinzhou, Lanzhou, and are 0.2 percent of Jiujiang, Nanchang, 0.1 percent; Central prices fell more than 50 cities, including Canton 3.1 percent, 2.6 percent in Changchun, Nanning 1.9% Shijiazhuang 1.8% and 1.7% in Guiyang and so on.

Beijing housing prices are relatively stable, is still up 1.0 percent year-on-year, but the ring than a drop of 0.6%.


China out of one trillion U.S. dollars to purchase U.S. treasury deficit test Obama

One trillion U.S. dollars by pushing a new economic stimulus plan U.S. President-elect Barack Obama, had to face a difficult financial situation. Local time on the 7th, the White House Budget Office warned that the U.S. budget deficit in 2009 will reach nearly 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars, far exceeding last year's 455 billion U.S. dollars, reaching the highest since World War II record deficit.

Rogers economists believe that, if measured by GDP, then it is this year's deficit will account for 7 percent of GDP, in 1983 set a record of 6 percent.

In response, Obama said that the next few years the face of the trillion-dollar budget deficit, will be unable to avoid the fact that "We are all aware of the economic recovery should continue to intensify planning and investment."

Setting up a new post of "Chief Performance Officer"

Obama on the 7th to accept the U.S. National Broadcasting Corporation in an interview confirmed that the new government will soon introduce economic stimulus plan to scale in the 800-1300 billion US dollars between. The day of the U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Congress must be in by mid-February through large-scale economic stimulus plan, otherwise the U.S. will face an economic crisis exacerbated the situation to deteriorate and unemployment situation. Democrats hope that the elected president January 20 inauguration will be prepared the day of its signing of the plan submitted.

For the fiscal deficit and the pressure on Obama on the same day at a press conference on the nomination of a former assistant secretary of the Ministry of Finance奇勒夫for the White House, "chief performance officer" to monitor the operation of funds in order to reduce waste and improve the performance of the Government. Principal Officer will be responsible for the performance of the work include: government-related innovation and ensure that the financial order, and to establish performance standards to ensure that the federal unit in charge of the work progress.

奇勒夫is a management consultant for McKinsey & Company director; she had tenure in the Clinton administration as assistant secretary of the Ministry of Finance.奇勒夫said, will do its utmost to enhance the operation of the government. She said: "Today, most of the operational problems faced by the Government for decades, and it takes time to resolve, but now have to deal with the urgency of this issue."

The market has emerged between the Government and the tendency of mutual distrust, Obama said the two sides to restore the trust of each other, it will be very important work. He said, "I want to explain to them, my plan is what in the end, and I will also give advice."

China out of U.S. treasury bonds to buy

Apart from the large fiscal deficit, or even Omar worry is that nearly two weeks of China's official figures show that China has a lot of unwillingness to "borrowing" money to the U.S..

"New York Times" yesterday reported that "With the financial crisis, the Chinese government is tightening its purse more grasping the", and this change so that like to borrow money through the treasury of the United States, days become constraints up.

Reported that Chinese policy makers the past two weeks are signs that China is gradually fading out of the purchase of U.S. Treasury bonds, which will soon be published official figures will soon prove the judge.

Under normal circumstances, China is the most active U.S. Treasury buyers, but also a fight to save the market USA No worries. Over the past 5 years, China has used its own production capacity of one-seventh of the economy to buy bonds in other countries, most of which are U.S. Treasury bonds. In September last year, China surpassed Japan to become the largest holder of U.S. treasuries States.

The world economy after the financial crisis, the Chinese government also launched a large-scale economic stimulus plan and a slowdown in overseas bond purchases.

For Obama, China's indifference to buy will have a direct impact to his economic stimulus plan. "New York Times" said the author, as the largest foreign exchange reserves held by the country, in addition to China, the debt-ridden U.S. government can no longer foot the bill can not find a better person.

China iron ore negotiations stalemate requirements steel prices about 40 percent price reduction

2009 iron ore negotiations started from the end of last year, the current round of negotiations have been several. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the China Iron and Steel Association was informed that the Chinese side continues to stress the new year price contract from January 1 from the Executive. Another informed source, the bottom line of the Chinese steel mills for iron ore prices should be back to the 2007-2008 level, namely, Brazil and Australia ore mines should be at least 39 percent, respectively, lower prices and 45% respectively.

Supply and demand of iron ore market dominance over the past five years the first time to the transfer of iron and steel enterprises. Prior to China Steel Association Secretary-General told reporters that steel prices fell sharply reflected in the price of iron ore long-term agreement, if only a small decline, certainly can not be justified, the Chinese iron and steel enterprises have also not unbearable. And Japan's second-largest JFE Steel prices president made it clear that this week, as the steel industry to the original sharp decline in fuel demand, iron ore and coking coal in 2009 / 2010 international prices of long-term agreement will be reduced to at least 2007 / 2008 price levels.

It is learned that the current negotiations have been on the Chinese side to discuss the bottom line, the attitude of Japanese companies, also shows that steel mills in the negotiations, calls for a substantial price determination.

One of three major Australian mining company Rio Tinto announced a 10% cut after this week to restart its iron ore project in Western Australia, 11 mine employees to report for duty after another, and its associated rail transport projects also reopen.

Australian iron ore developer Murchison (has been acquired by the China Steel Corporation) has also said that the iron ore market, there are some signs of improvement, the company will continue to register the long-term sales. The fourth quarter of last year remain in the Western Australia iron ore mines shipped as usual.

As the international dry bulk shipping market crash after a few months hit a 6-year low. This has led to Australian ore and Brazilian ore landed a new post. It has been calculated that in 2008 rose 65 percent after the price of Brazilian iron ore Offshore 77 U.S. dollars / ton, coupled with the current 10 U.S. dollars / tons of freight, CIF value for 87 U.S. dollars / ton; up 79.88 percent of iron ore from Australia after shore price of 89 U.S. dollars / ton, plus the current 5 U.S. dollars / tons of freight, CIF value for 94 U.S. dollars / tons, the Brazilian iron ore than the high-five U.S. dollars / ton, 5.6 percent margin.

Joint metal analyst Hu Kai that, in accordance with the ore price negotiations in 2008 the principles embodied in the great post freight, Australian mining companies because the products CIF low, or additional compensation. At present, the Australian mining company's products have been higher than the CIF price of Brazilian iron ore, iron and steel enterprises in China asking for the abolition of the sea freight compensation entirely reasonable and in line with the 2008 both sides accepted in principle. At the same time, the Chinese have every reason to demand the Australian iron ore prices should be lower than the Brazilian iron ore prices fell an additional.

China's central bank said, and neighbors to consider joining hands to control the circulation of counterfeit money yuan

Yesterday, the central bank's monetary gold and silver Secretary Hideo male journalists will be held in Beijing on the HD90 version clarify rumors of counterfeit money. HD90 version renminbi is not as the media called "high-simulation," the counterfeit money to identify the characteristics of the naked eye can. At present there is no evidence that HD90 version of counterfeit money is flowing from the Taiwan region.

Hideo M said that was not "HD90" number of hundred dollars on a face value of the yuan must be counterfeit, the word crown numbers alone to determine the true monetary inaccurate. Hideo men stressed, HD90 is not a new version of counterfeit money found in counterfeit money, "as early as the 2006 version of the HD90 found counterfeit money, and in 2007 had揭掉manufacturing counterfeit version of the HD90 dens." It is reported that in 2007 the public security organs in Guangdong揭掉dens of fake, counterfeit money confiscated at the scene there HD90 version. Are there any other sources, relevant departments also can not be sure.

The central bank to consider a joint anti-counterfeiting neighbors

Hideo men said yesterday, after increasing efforts to combat counterfeit money, counterfeit money in previous years, the momentum of the spread of proliferation and has been basically curbed, but the anti-counterfeit work situation is grim.

Hideo men said that only in 2007 that uncovered more than 30 million dollars more than the manufacture of counterfeit money case. Judging from the current cracked down from the bank and ATM access to the case of counterfeit money, has not yet been found to be counterfeit money HD90 series, but made with genuine hard currencies.

Judging from the current case uncovered the manufacture of counterfeit money, the counterfeit money manufacturing division of labor is getting smaller. Hideo man said: "There are specialized manufacturing equipment, specialized plate, and specialized in print, in the specialized trafficking and specialized retail. Anti-counterfeit work, the grim situation facing."

Hideo M pointed out that the central bank is under consideration and the relevant bodies of neighboring countries to join forces to control possible yuan of counterfeit money in circulation, "has not yet been heard in China's neighboring countries found that the phenomenon of fake RMB circulation."

China's reform of public hospitals will be lifted by the sale of medicines 7% -15% increase

In order to change public hospitals "to drug dependent medical" situation, the Chinese pilot a new round of medical reform will cancel the sale of drugs in public hospitals increases. At the same time, enjoy the diagnosis of patients and other services to increase the pharmaceutical services.

Yesterday, in the national health work conference, Health Minister Chen Zhu, the topic of China's medical reform of the New Deal. Chen Zhu said that this year is to deepen the comprehensive medical and health system start-up and the overall advancement of the year. The next three years, the reform of public hospitals will be in the pilot cities to promote.

Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province caught fire and exploded a bus

A bus in Guangzhou Branch Yun Road and Zhongshan Road Interchange fire. Mr Wong said the public has witnessed: a great fire at the scene, and thick smoke billowing, Ukraine smoke spread a few hundred meters high. Did not see casualties. Bus fire is FAW bus companies. At the same time we have also received Netizen said the accident caused serious traffic congestion Road Branch rhyme, many wanted to switch from Huangpu Road Branch Yun Road, Zhongshan Road, the driver was forced to detour.

As of press time, not received casualties and the cause of the fire vehicles report.

The latest progress: It is in front of journalists reported that the accident vehicle had been towed away, traffic returned to normal, the accident did not cause casualties.


Xinjiang Military Region division 4000 meters plateau night training

4000 meters above sea level over the Karakorum plateau, cold beating in the darkness. Suddenly, the earth trembled, a shells across the night sky, the fire Yinghong the tip of the canyon. In recent days, a certain division of the Xinjiang Military District troops on the plateau at night to explore new methods of operation, fire fighting groups in highland cold areas under the conditions of strong electromagnetic interference to achieve the first group coverage, first hit the 19 kinds of firearms.

Cold plateaus big temperature difference between day and night, night with strong winds and more snow, heat characteristics of weapons and equipment more obvious, long-term constraints to improve the quality of night training. Outline of the division in accordance with the new requirements of organizations dozen weapons and equipment is completed at night camouflage spray performance tests, combined with an artillery battalion, howitzer unit firing flares at night, study and solve the lighting unit and attack combat unit synergies, but also explored a certain type of raid to capture low-light-level tanks, artillery live-fire target shooting, a certain type of anti-tank missiles fired on the dim light of the characteristics and laws of the target has accumulated tens of thousands of actual performance data.

Cold highland area for night operations forces easily exposed, infiltration behind enemy lines, fire difficult to carry out reconnaissance, battlefield information is difficult to obtain and other issues, the broad division launched the "concealment and camouflage, blinding light, heat interference", such as training, research explored a "radical fast paste, forced a breakthrough" and other 12 kinds of effective methods of operation.

Chinese experts to expose the focus of anti-aircraft equipment development

The new changes the new development calls for a new way of thinking the new location - the next 10 to 20 years of military technology and equipment development trend outlook

Introduction the next 20 years, is China's national defense and army building good an important period of fast development. Forearmed lap, and without prejudging the waste. Stand in order to lead the forefront of development, seize the clearance

Key advantage to win. The next 10-20 years, the impact of the world's military technology and weaponry development fulcrum Where? How science and technology for the army's transformation and development of weapons and equipment to explore the "road map"? With these thinking reporter recently visited our military leaders in related fields. Experts wise thinking, sharp point of view for our insight into the future has opened up a window.

Should be discarded to imitate style, trailing type, passive follow-up development ideas

Reporter: focus on enhancing information technology to win local wars under the conditions of the capacity of the core, the future of weapons and equipment in the guiding ideology which should grasp the key points?

ZHAO YONG FU: construction equipment must be focused on the future strategic requirements of the new changes, based on response to a variety of security threats, complete diversified military tasks, in accordance with the overall direction of development in transition, focusing on the task of fulfilling the mission should have the operational capacity, eliminating imitate style, tail-style, passive follow-up development ideas, and actively push forward from mechanization to information technology change, and strive to build a combination of distance, land, sea and air power one day with new equipment, system, change the growth mode of combat capability, through the overall improvement of local jump drive. In order to shorten the gap with the world advanced level, the key is to independent innovation as a strategic point, adhering to the development characteristics, to break the "opponent on the development of what we are about" building mode, in accordance with the "You hit you, and I hit my" operational thinking, "You build yours, and I built my" principle and equipment development, focusing the world's military technology and weaponry development, according to the new operational ideas, new operational concepts, and to enhance the demand for predictive analysis equipment, and promote the development of military science and technology.

Information-led force to strengthen the "Building for the War"

Reporter: "Building for the war" should become a consistent development ideas?

ZHAO YONG FU: Yes. In terms of equipment development, to strengthen the "built for the war" the idea of the establishment of information power in the combat capability of the various elements of a dominant position is the most important. The development of future weapons and equipment should be based on information-oriented construction of the system a priority, focus on overall planning, into a system in accordance with the planning, into a system, into a delivery system for the pilot's request, and handle well the main battle equipment and comprehensive support the simultaneous development of equipment the relationship between the equipment system to ensure that the overall effort.

ZHANG XUE YU: Information warfare is a battleground in the digital environment, information-led joint operations. In the digitized battlefield, through complex integration, complementary advantages, to achieve all-weather day when the battlefield awareness, advanced combat command and control system integration for a unified, seamless, secure, reliable, efficient, three-dimensional network operations, to share the battlefield posture, so that the number of enemy forces to achieve first discovered that the first enemy action, to fight and win.

Yang: To improve the overall information power, multi-tool, multi-channel use of information technology is an inevitable move. First of all, develop a new generation of sensors, to enhance the ability to obtain information at the same time, the use of network technology to build the theater as well as wide-area coverage of the information network in order to more efficiently manage the implementation of the battlefield to meet the information massive, rapid and seamless flow of huge military needs; and extensive use of Smart technology, strengthen the combat system to support decision-making function.

High reliability, anti-jamming and anti-destroy C4KISR integration system is the soul of the digitized battlefield

Reporter: It is reported that U.S. military plans in 2020 will be before and after the Global Information Grid (GIG), based on completed C4KISR systems, information systems and precision strike more closely together as one, how about this trend?

Lu Gang: Anti-way through the soft and hard to win information superiority to win the war is an important prerequisite for superiority. Strengthening the integrated electronic information system, is to play all kinds of information-based weapons and equipment performance, multi-services basis of joint operations. Before and after 2020, the United States will build a Global Information Grid (GIG), the realization of computer network, sensor networks and weapons of highly integrated platform for network integration. By then, the network of information warfare offensive will become an important form of combat, various types of network attack weapons and protective equipment will be developed rapidly.

ZHANG XUE YU: C4KISR system completed, will greatly shorten the reconnaissance - the fight against time. The most representative, the U.S. Army Future Combat Systems (FCS). FCS has so far as the U.S. Army's largest weapons system development program, to become integrated in almost all operational functions of the Army's "system of systems", has attracted worldwide attention. In addition, the British also announced that the rapid development of future work system (FRES); the French army also raised the open space combat system integration (BOA); Russia is committed to the development in line with their national conditions "reconnaissance against the integration of weapons systems." Therefore, build an integrated system C4KISR equipment development has become a major trend.

Unmanned air combat forces will become the new hot spot for race

Reporter: Today, in countries booth equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles are the new darling, where will the future development of unmanned aerial vehicles?

ZHANG XUE YU: low-cost UAV simple structure, able to adapt to harsh battlefield environment, has become a new hot spot for development. The future of foreign armed forces will be assigned to various types of unmanned aerial vehicles to the division, brigade, battalion, company, platoon at all levels, micro-UAV classes and equipment to undertake reconnaissance and surveillance, damage assessment, communications relay until the firepower to combat mission.

Lu Gang: UAV platform performance, are from low-altitude, low speed, small load continued to high-altitude, high-speed, long voyage, the high-stealth, big load expansion; functions from the main implementation of reconnaissance and surveillance, battlefield assessment, electronic confrontation, such as combat support missions, to keep the Executive-to-ground firepower to combat or even to carry out tasks such as expansion of air fighting. It is learned that the U.S. Air Force has clearly put forward before and after 2025 will be the number of unmanned combat aircraft to meet its land-attack aircraft and about one-third of the total; British Air Force are also focus on the development of the "no man's combat aviation system," with F-35 together constitute the main force for the future of air strikes; Europe "neurons," unmanned combat aircraft project has been officially launched.

Space-based information and firepower to combat the offensive and defensive weapons systems become the winning weight

Reporter: If we say that the 19th century the threat of war, mainly from the sea, the 20th century the threat of war, mainly from the sky, then how should we understand the 21st century air and space from the growing threat?

Lu Gang: War practice has shown that space-based information support under the comprehensive combat effectiveness of air power will be a qualitative upgrading. With the acceleration of the process of militarization of space, the United States and Russia and other countries aimed at the future of air and space against the demand, in order to speed up the development of the space plane for an important breakthrough in efforts to build the integration of aerospace systems and equipment, in order to compete for air and space superiority, to seize the strategic high ground to lay a future war basis. Before and after 2020, foreign to land / space-based laser weapons, kinetic kill weapons and the space plane, as represented by the integration of air and space equipment will be gradually put into use.

Anti-missile air defense by the main anti-aircraft mainly to the anti-aircraft, anti-missile and anti-satellite and try to expand

Reporter: For its active country in terms of defensive strategy, and equipment development of future air defense operations center where?

ZHANG XUE YU: the future of the battlefield is three-dimensional, the army's air defense anti-missile equipment developed to focus on the development of an integrated system for the gun on behalf of the short-range air defense system to intercept missiles (or interceptors) systems, mobile tactical high-energy laser weapons, as represented by in a remote field air defense anti-missile systems. Armed helicopters, as the air assault force of local wars in the information will play an increasingly important role.

Lu Gang: aircraft, missiles and other offensive equipment directly stimulating the rapid development of air defense anti-missile weapons systems development by leaps and bounds. Is expected in 2020, the advanced countries will take the lead in achieving the foundation, and satellite and other space-based early warning detection platform and combat aircraft surface-to-air weapons systems, such as interoperability, the formation of aerodynamic goals far in the short-range, high, medium and low capacity of multi-storey block, as well as the increase in ballistic missiles paragraph, the middle, the end of the whole interception capability, build anti-missile air defense and anti-day operational integration of defense systems.

Yang: to deal with multiple warheads and decoys, to intercept the flight segment with a different degree of ballistic missiles, is to build the future of "Operation Defensive Shield" key.

The new concept of cutting-edge weapons and equipment will become the battlefield

Reporter: high-tech weapons and equipment for the development of an important effect is a new concept of continuous physical and chemical weapons, and its trend?

Yang: the future of laser weapons technology will gradually mature, and with strategic anti-wei, that is, that is aiming to fight, that is, that is destroying the ability to fight effectively against high-speed, large mobile aerial targets, enriched to-air defense capability; sound energy weapons technology, will be to equip a new means of protection; wide breakthrough in stealth technology and integrated applications, will enhance the weapons complex stealth performance; hypersonic missile technology is the future of weapons technology to combat the new commanding heights for the future battlefield, the rapid concentration of firepower operational concepts will play a an important support role; missile launchers is the direction of development of "plug and play", with different diameter missile launchers hidden; electromagnetic pulse technology will be materialized for the future of the important weapons information operations; electromagnetic rail gun will become a land of long-range strike newcomers.

Lu Gang: It is learned that the United States is using Boeing 747 aircraft, as contained in the development of airborne high-energy laser weapon system has been breakthrough progress in a number of sorties completed verification testing, can be directly destroy ballistic missiles, space satellites and other space craft. Many countries are also focus on the development of other directed-energy weapons, kinetic energy weapons and weather weapons, both before and after 2020, many new concept weapons will have combat capability.

Transformation of active service equipment with emphasis on upgrading the battlefield situational awareness and ability to make comprehensive use of information

Reporter: The transformation of active service equipment has always been a fast upgrading of equipment and good operational effectiveness of the shortcut, the information age transformation equipment which way?

Lu Gang: The active-duty equipment for information technology transformation is to improve equipment performance, play equipment potential, taking into less-effective development path important choice. Foreign armed forces attaches great importance to the active main battle equipment, information technology transformation, such as in 2020 the United States and Russia and other countries before and after the principal planes the Air Force will have completed a higher level of information technology transformation, network-based form of air warfare has been evolving and equipment system overall performance will be to maximize.

ZHANG XUE YU: the use of comprehensive development of advanced technologies, on the main battle weapons and equipment to digitize and integration of "transformation" and "new research" in order to rapidly enhance the integration, independent of combat capability, it is the development of future weapons and equipment across a major feature of .

New materials, new technology and equipment development is still an important driving traction

Reporter: In the development of construction equipment, why has repeatedly stressed that the key to breakthroughs in core technology?

ZHAO YONG FU: breakthroughs in key technologies and equipment for the construction of a major impact, we must insist on combining military and civilian, the military put the principle of the people, adhere to independent innovation and introduction of the principle of combining absorption, good co-ordination of military technology and civilian technology, general technology and special technology, Model Technology and pre-research technology, traditional technology and the new concept of technology, virtual reality technology with technology, equipment and technology to ensure sustainable development.

ZHANG XUE YU: U.S. forces in the development of Future Combat System, through the combined application of new armor materials, take the initiative to protect and promote hybrid technologies such as rubber track, in ensuring protection and survivability equipment, while its combat vehicles than the current heavy tanks , weight 70%, volume decreased by 50%.

Yang: Recently, a number of foreign navy new and innovative ships, in multi-catamaran, composite ship, etc. continue to make a major breakthrough; next attack submarines, such as halibut-type, double size, type, such as cluster came out one after another; addition , all-electric propulsion, a new type of nuclear power and propulsion technology superconducting magnetic fluid, all-too-apparent.