Chen Shui-bian female witness to give out the details of the money pressure over suicide attempt

Chen Shui-bian's family involved in money-laundering case, Taiwan's Yuanta permit director Du Liping, the night before last with intent to commit suicide was taken to hospital for medical treatment and out of the woods yesterday morning, returned home to rest. Special investigation group last month received the news this morning on the 30th, was shocked. The spokesman said Chen Yunnan, the judge ruled that Du Liping sufficient to prove a significant connection, she is no innocent, I hope that she will cherish their own lives, for their efforts to identify suspects, for their own interests. Du Liping since being named special investigation team interviewed Chen Shui-bian's family and money-laundering case Yuanta Financial Holding, and other details of bribery, suspected of suffering as a result of external pressure every day to be able to rely on sleeping pills to sleep, suffering from physical and psychological suffering, haggard face thin, long ago given up their lives Idea. Du Liping exposed in 2006 had joined the Chen Shui-bian's move 700,000,000 yuan in cash to the big Prosecutors have said: "Du Liping need to preserve themselves and make a choice between betraying a friend, the inner pressure is not hard to imagine." It is reported that the yuan would Daikin final defeat CITIC Kim M & A successful resumption of Joaquin, to play an important Du Liping Role, but also because she knew too much, named after the case was bound to bear the enormous pressure on the parties involved in the case. Last night around 11:00, Du Liping driving home alone to Wuku Township, Taipei County, along the road to justice the people outside their own rent near the plant, want to be cited by the roadside exhaust suicide, but the plastic pipe to carry too short to waste gas will be smooth The introduction of the car. Du Liping was out of the pre-possession of sleeping pills, swallowing the pills more than a dozen stars, lying on the driver's seat with a rest. Du Liping Tunyao after a phone call to his sister, media Qisu vigorous attempts to trouble her, hoping her family do not feel relief as soon as possible, say "farewell" was originally a phone call, asked the family members before Be careful not to disclose "in Wugu." The families of speculation in the vicinity of public justice, in addition to quickly drive to the police search also seek assistance, was just the way the people in the vehicle was found Du Liping, open the door and found her lying unconscious on the side, pale and fuzzy sense, sleeping pills scattered around the car, as well as A short plastic tube. After firefighters arrived rushed to the Shin Kong Hospital in Taipei, Shin Kong Hospital confirmed that the directors of Du Liping Yuanta card the day before yesterday night as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning to hospital for medical treatment and that may be burning carbon to commit suicide, but because of the concentration of carbon monoxide in the blood was not high, after To deal with an emergency after returning home to rest. Chen Shui-bian's special investigation group of families of suspected money-laundering investigation, on November 27 had been summoned Du Liping, after hearing the sound of the Court to remand, the court ruled that 28 Du Liping NT 1,000,000 yuan bail. It is understood that Du Liping to the prosecutor admitted that in 2006 the military was flat during the golden thread that she had to help carry Wu Shu-chen NT 740,000,000 yuan in cash Yuan groups, and then transfer overseas.

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the European Union on the case on the Chinese peacekeeping in a statement answering a reporter's question

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang on the European Union, such as peacekeeping on the Chinese statement was answering a reporter's question. A reporter asked: Austria and the European Union issued a statement a few days ago, the Chinese peacekeeping executed expressed strong dissatisfaction with the Chinese side said the practice undermined the human rights dialogue should be mutual trust and mutual respect, dialogue on human rights will have devastating consequences. Wolfowitz was the U.S. side also expressed concern. What is your comment? Qin Gang said: China is a country ruled by law. Wo is a Chinese citizen, evidence of their crimes, Chinese judicial decision in accordance with the law, which is entirely within the framework of Chinese sovereignty over the judiciary. The case fair trial procedures, thus providing adequate protection for the defendant's right of action. Qin Gang said that China's judicial departments of the European Union's decision to make irresponsible remarks made in accordance with the law, and grossly interfere in China the judiciary is a violation of the rule of law, undermine the healthy development of both human rights dialogue. We express our strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition. The Chinese side urges the European Union, and immediately correct its wrongdoings and stop interfering in other countries all the words and deeds of justice.

France called on the European "unity against China's" one share in other countries do not want to

British public opinion believed that Beijing's "bold move" will increase in Europe's China policy differences, not unity International Herald Tribune Huang Guanjie freelance writer from Paris to protest against the EU's rotating presidency, French President Nicolas Sarkozy insisted the move met with the Dalai Lama, China to postpone scheduled for Dec. 1 in Lyon, France, China and the EU at the summit. Mottaki with one stone. Not just the French media reacted strongly, France, Germany, Britain also took turns to accuse China of "over-reaction", the Czech Republic, Poland to follow up one after another. European countries on this issue so what, what was the attitude? Does this mean that Europe will be "united anti-China"? France called on European unity France, Germany, Britain, the Czech Republic, Poland countries are in the main press statements one after another, put the blame on the Chinese side. According to German media reports, Germany Alliance for Human Rights and humanitarian aid Stambach Parliament and the Commission on Human Rights and vice chairman of the hard-line Haibach said: "The talks with the European Union refused and ultimately hurt the Chinese is its own. Europe must be clear to the Chinese Government that For dialogue with the European Union, can not be any of the conditions. " Britain's "Financial Times" on November 27 said, "the Dalai Lama met with Chinese people's deep and sensitive little difficult to measure." The article said, "This is not a good Chaiqiao China, Beijing needs to build its main strategic partner of the stability of the alliance, such as the European Union." The French seem to be aware of this unity is the first opportunity for neighboring countries, "Le Figaro" published an editorial, calling on EU member states "to defend our interests and values." Europe is far from being a monolithic bloc France is not as a naive to imagine that France has been pressure from the partners. In fact, the EU's attitude on this matter is far from monolithic. Belgium seat of the European Commission after hearing the news announced the cancellation of the European Union to follow the invitation to the Dalai Lama Parliamentary speech. British "Guardian" quoted a China expert as saying that Beijing "bold move" not only can not allow Sarkozy to meet world leaders and play a role in the crisis manager's wish, it would exacerbate Europe's China policy differences . An EU official in an interview on French television said publicly that some of Sarkozy's performance of "excessive" and it is time for China to carry out a joint fight against financial crises, rather than the joint fight against the Dalai Lama China. British diplomats said privately, France on the issue of Tibet to take a more hard-line stance is not wise, Sarkozy on this issue was unnecessary, "performances." Other countries do not want to be a scapegoat "In the past, European countries through financial and technical means to control China, but China's economic and technological strength, the European countries to reduce dependence, European countries tend to have the Dalai Lama to China as a card to play." China People's University, director of the Center for European Studies Zhang Jin of the "International Herald Tribune" analysis, he thinks, in fact, the attitude of European countries, like China, this can also enhance their bargaining chips, but much more difficult, "the leadership of a country People out of downtown, can not allow other countries to one share. " British think tank "open Europe" Europe's policy analyst Hugo Robinson, "announced that China refused to hold summit of the only reasons for the Dalai Lama issue, which clearly told the Europeans, the conflict between China and the EU is not complicated, but China does not mean that the whole of Europe there will be major changes in foreign policy. "

States in January will be a million troops and ammunition to the Sino-Indian border

Most people do not pay attention to the news. This is because, compared with the seemingly ordinary. In fact, we can see that India has been crazy, even to the 27th Mountain Division were transferred to the vicinity of the Sikkim. 27th Mountain Division, where it is immortal? India's north-west of Jammu --- border guards stationed in Kashmir, against our allies in Pakistan. Is full of actual combat experience in major Indian mountain troops. This mobilization, we will be the equivalent of Xinjiang in the northwest of our army to the northeast of Heilongjiang, you can count the movement of small right? This fact has made it clear that India felt a strong pressure! However, the Indian government and the media deliberately low-key, do not want to move big trouble! Why? ? Qi of the blame, right? ? In 1962, India is not so low-key, and then all day with loudspeakers, radios, encouraging Indian border dispute will intensify! That today, how the Indians are not silent, a low-key it? For two reasons: First, the first Sino-Indian war, India's crushing defeat in India still remember the national leaders of the mind, to deter the Indians; Second, as China has been the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, China and India have each other's strategic role In other words. Indians in the border dispute, in a very passive role. When bound to start the role of the daughter-in-law, mother-in-law has become China. Bluntly speaking, a soft-Indians. At that time, because the Chinese military logistics is of no use and just 30,000 people on the child soldiers. Today, Ha ha, said bluntly: China has the capacity to deliver, within a month to millions of troops and military supplies and ammunition to the Sino-Indian border. We can think of, when 30,000 Chinese, the Indians played Baotoushucuan; today's one million Chinese people, India is a feeling what? ? It must proceed carefully, to make --- I say! Of course, I do not underestimate the enemy, but to our great national self-confidence, our nation can be strong! Indians specific pressure is it? I entered from the border Dolan Heights. Dolan Heights, the location is very important. Xigaze Prefecture is located in the south-east, east of Yadong county, located in China, Bhutan, Sikkim and India account for the interchange of the three countries. China and Bhutan controversies of the area. Control here, China and India will account for Sikkim's natural barrier: Nathu La Pass, the formation of outflanking the side trend. --- In other words, China and India aimed at accounting for the Sikkim Nathu La Pass! ! India will be a very passive position. Nathu La Pass, we may no specific image, I'll give you an analogy to understand the people! Remember that year, Mu put the satellite, often talks about a "grand project"? To use nuclear bomb in a hole deep in the Himalayas, the Indian Ocean so that the warm air into the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau? --- No need for him to blow, there is a natural, that is, Nathu La Pass! In fact, the Nathu La Pass - - Yadong, to form a corridor of India! Over the Nathu La, on the southern slope of the Himalayas face the face of the Indian Ocean ah! Image point that the Nathu La is the northern gate of the subcontinent of South Asia! ! ! The interesting thing is that China's action, the parties Bhutan has maintained a silence. --- Bhutan has experienced the rise of Chinese power, and in this case, the fact has been acknowledged and accepted by the rise of China! China originally Bhutan, China, Chinese culture is very much admired. So far, Bhutan's national flag is one-stop! India followed to do for so many years and a mistress, as a last resort it is! At that time, because China can not protect it! When India at the negotiating table for talks about China, Bhutan has the legs under the table to signal a Chinese delivery. ... ... We may ask: Sikkim so important? India will be so anxious about it? I'll tell you: Sikkim is not only important, it is very important! India has a "Qicun" and called Siliguri Corridor, the East-West corridor linking India's equivalent to the neck, narrowest point is 20 kilometers. Who here has been strangled, India will be able to cut down the middle! A clean break, India will become the eastern part of the "enclave", and India cut off from the local community! Become a Wengzhongzhibie East India will not take ---! This is a short press, who think that this indicates that China and India's Sikkim for wrestling has begun! !

Chinese Navy to test the Pacific Ocean into the combat capability

In early November, China's new destroyers, a destroyer detachment of 116 ships took part in the North Sea Fleet of the Joint Tactical formation for the first time in the Pacific Yuan She, more than 4000 nautical mile voyage that has run deep in the ocean, completed the formation of a number of issues and tactics training, but also for Whether the new type of warships offshore operations have made a real test for the ability. The new equipment in order for the main part of the formation of ocean-going training, highlighting the application of information tools, highlighting the complex electromagnetic environment and co-operation contract. Training exercises not only the enemy of the contract surprise escort convoys, coordinated anti-submarine ship machines, over-the-horizon missile attacks and other projects, but also brought about a number of area troops Fleet ships, submarines, aircraft and coastal defense forces and security forces训练. With this training, they are complicated electromagnetic environment, combat training organization, the mission of the task of training, combat training and operational command of combat training have been consolidated and enhanced.

Chinese Ministry of Health officials said the food safety standards will be uniform

The day before yesterday night, the CCTV recording programs, supervision of the Ministry of Health Deputy Secretary for Health and Su said the Ministry of Health will now carry out clean-up standards of food hygiene in order to harmonize the standards of contradictions. Su said that the Ministry of Health will work with the relevant departments for easy food in the emerging non-food substances, especially harmful substances listed in the blacklist, as the focus of the monitoring departments. According to him, the current food safety standards are national standards, industry standards, there are contradictions between the standards. The Ministry of Health is currently on the clean-up standards for dairy products, food safety law to wait until after the introduction of other food safety standards will also be cleaned up. AQSIQ regulations Secretary Liu Zhaobin on the same occasion, also said that in order to make sense of food enterprises have faith if there are illegal production and management, quality inspection departments will be informed of the law to the People's Bank of China records, into the bank credit Among the management system. Administrative Law of the NPC Standing Committee Legislative Affairs Commission director Li Yuan also revealed that the Food Safety Act, certain companies will have penalty clauses, but how much punishment, said Li Yuan not to disclose.

China-EU Summit decided to postpone shocked Europe

In the light of French President Nicolas Sarkozy insisted on meeting with the Dalai Lama, the Chinese government on November 27 to meet with the leaders of China and the EU to postpone the move "dumbfound" in Europe. Exclaimed issued by the foreign media in recent days, saying "the tense Sino-French relations" and students are worried about the atmosphere of the business has spread all over Europe. Chinese leaders of the European dumbfound Britain, "The Guardian" on November 27 reported that China canceled the summit, "dumbfound the leaders of Europe." Reported that China's move against Sarkozy is a blow to Sarkozy is seeking to cut and polish into a "world leader" and "crisis manager", "The cancellation means that the 11 years between China and the EU annual summit Can not be held for the first time. " Special reports with the position of the EU policy Euractiv news site on the 27th is "the abolition of Beijing China-EU summit in Brussels collapsed," the title of Europe, summed up the shock. East China Institute of Germany experts on grid Nissin said in the past Chinese policies are always low-key, moderate, and even some "playing with unpredictable" and the "firm and clear-cut stand of refusing to" show China's Tibet and the Dalai Lama issue in the Europe's position in the relationship even more clear, more hard-line. France depends on whether the meeting French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Nov. 13 that will be on December 6 visit to Poland when meeting with the Dalai Lama. In view of this, the Chinese obliged to Nov. 27 announced that the leaders of China and the EU to postpone the meeting. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang on the 27th, said: "Tibet issue concerns China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, involving China's core interests. The Chinese Government and people resolutely oppose the Dalai Lama in any name in the international community to engage in activities of splitting China, Resolutely oppose any form of foreign leaders in order to make contact with the Dalai Lama. This position is clear and consistent, and it is firm. Involving China's core interests on the issue, involving China's sovereignty and territorial integrity principle, The Chinese side has made all the necessary response. " Qin Gang said: "The 11th China-EU Summit to be held, depending on the current EU presidency when the French side to take practical measures for meeting the need to create favorable conditions and atmosphere." The French side did not respond positively to In the EU 27, said: "The EU decision on China's attention, and expressed regret. EU for the 11th EU-China summit set ambitious goals. EU and China will continue to push forward the strategic cooperative partnership Especially in the current global economic and financial conditions, shall be required to work closely with Europe and China. " According to German media reports on the 28th, "by the European Parliament's invitation to the Dalai Lama will be held next Thursday (December 4) at the European Parliament speech." However, because of Belgium's Flemish parliament, the Liberal Party lawmakers opposed to 12 4 on the invitation to the Dalai Lama Parliamentary hall, the Belgian parliament canceled the original plan. But the French side did not respond positively, but at 27 was canceled at the same time held the fifth EU-China economic summit, due to the "host France to continue to do this, we think, is inappropriate for the meeting." British think tank "open Europe" Europe's policy analyst Hugo Robinson 27 to accept the "Global Times" reporter said that China's tough stance on Europe is a strong warning that "undermine China's interests can not To pay the price ", which forced the Europeans had to consider the future China may also have a similar move by hard-line response. However, it seems, is the most embarrassing Sarkozy, the 26 other EU member states for most of the president's personal behavior brought about by the EU's overall economic development and the negative effects of exasperation. Economists worry that trade relations In Europe over the "alarming" outstanding, the Chinese news media also defer to the Airbus aircraft procurement agreement. But Airbus said that 27 companies, the company is still on the Chinese side obtain billions of dollars worth of aircraft orders have confidence. 28, German media reported that the abolition of France Central European economic summit, the move elicited criticism of the European economic circles. The European Commission Economic and Monetary Affairs Joaquin Almunia by the French television channel Canal + said: "It is regrettable, because the EU is China's basic partners in the EU is China's basic partners." Almunia was Will also attend the China-EU Summit. Britain's "Financial Times" reported on the 28th, also known as the French business leaders are worried that a new tension between the Sino-French relations may hurt the commercial interests of France, but they said there is no indication that commercial interests immediately affected.

Chinese Foreign Ministry: China accused the execution of the European Union to interfere in China's judicial system spy

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang on the European Union, such as peacekeeping on the Chinese statement was answering a reporter's question. A reporter asked: Austria and the European Union issued a statement a few days ago, the Chinese peacekeeping executed expressed strong dissatisfaction with the Chinese side said the practice undermined the human rights dialogue should be mutual trust and mutual respect, dialogue on human rights will have devastating consequences. Wolfowitz was the U.S. side also expressed concern. What is your comment? Qin Gang said: China is a country ruled by law. Wo is a Chinese citizen, evidence of their crimes, Chinese judicial decision in accordance with the law, which is entirely within the framework of Chinese sovereignty over the judiciary. The case fair trial procedures, thus providing adequate protection for the defendant's right of action. Qin Gang said that China's judicial departments of the European Union's decision to make irresponsible remarks made in accordance with the law, and grossly interfere in China the judiciary is a violation of the rule of law, undermine the healthy development of both human rights dialogue. We express our strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition. The Chinese side urges the European Union, and immediately correct its wrongdoings and stop interfering in other countries all the words and deeds of justice.

Wen Jiabao called on to the Anhui Fuyang AIDS Orphans

"The children, you good." 29 at 4 pm, in Fuyang City, Anhui Province Yingzhou Qu Yangzhuang the entrance to the village, orphaned by AIDS in Red Gold, Huang Mei, Huang Lei three siblings just get off at the sight of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, immediately surrounded Up. Chest, wearing a Red Ribbon's Premier Wen Jiabao with open arms, smiling to the children, said Yongzhe: "I always thought about with you." In the December 1 World AIDS Day approaching, Premier Wen Jiabao made a special trip to the city of Fuyang in Anhui Province, in-depth village, a cordial visit AIDS patients, orphans and primary health care, AIDS prevention and understanding of the work. "To hope to have a good day to" Wen Jiabao has attached great importance to AIDS prevention and treatment. Since becoming prime minister in 2003, he took time every year to visit AIDS patients and orphans. Gold is a red three siblings Premier Wen Jiabao over the past two years has been about the AIDS orphans. Two years ago, the World AIDS Day, the Prime Minister to invite some of the children orphaned by AIDS patients and met a visit to the forum, in which three siblings. At present, the red gold and three siblings more than 80-year-old grandmother live together. Wen Jiabao while holding a child's hand, the edge went to the village. On the road, the Prime Minister asked in detail about their lives learning. "A few years on the level? Learning how?" "I have been on the secondary. Brother and sister are in the middle." Golden red to answer. "How life?" "We have a month and she can get government subsidies, life can be." After listening to the children's answer, Wen Jiabao, very happy. "Easy way to take, Wen Grandpa, you slower." Prime Minister to remind the children. Along the bumpy road, the Prime Minister and the children came to live in their yard. To see the children's grandmother, Wen Jiabao more step forward, hold hands Wenhanwennuan the elderly. He said: "The elderly, with your three children, it is tough. Two years ago, they have to have been met, then age is also small. To see them grow up very well now, I am relieved." "Thanks to the help of the village. Life we can." Gold Hung Grandmother firmly hold the hands of the Prime Minister, moved to tears, said: "Thank you. You see, so you busy, but also our children Dianzhe . " The children's home on the wall, put a lot of awards. This has aroused the attention of the Prime Minister. Wen Jiabao read a name on the certificate and found that all three siblings, glad he's smiling face. Wen Jiabao also come down, rice bag carefully to see whether there is food. He told the children, after school to help his grandmother to do some more household chores. Wen Jiabao gold to red dictionary and a set of siblings each bag to encourage children to study carefully, promising to put off a good day.

China's Ministry of Finance estimates this year and next year to reduce taxes and fees 350,000,000,000

"Is expected to reduce the tax burden on businesses and residents 350,000,000,000 yuan." "China Business" reporter was informed that the exclusive, accompanied by the tsunami in the global financial and large-scale domestic demand from China, or the total amount will be up to 350,000,000,000 yuan of tax reduction , 120,000,000,000 yuan transformation of value-added tax, personal income tax 36,000,000,000 yuan, 10,000,000,000 yuan deposit interest income tax, stamp duty on stock transactions 90,000,000,000 yuan, 15,000,000,000 yuan in real estate taxes and fees, charges 34,000,000,000 yuan, 43.8 billion increase in export tax rebates.

This is the Ministry of Finance at the Central Economic Work Conference held on the eve of the calculations made by, and 350,000,000,000 yuan of tax Rangli "red packets" behind, by a reduction in financial support to further implement the policy.

Hundreds of billions of burden

There are close to the Ministry of Finance sources told the "China Business" reporter, the Ministry of Finance next year will promote the combination of tax reform to reduce the corporate tax burden, promote business investment and household consumption. The main concerns: the full implementation of the VAT reform and restructuring, continue to carry out one after another in the second half of this year's introduction of personal income tax to raise wages deducted from the cost of standard salary, the savings deposit interest waiver to levy income tax, reducing the rate of stamp duty and impose unilateral, lower housing transaction taxes and fees , And other policy measures, the abolition of Ting Zheng and 96 administrative fees (including this year in September Tingzheng city and miscellaneous fees for compulsory education, "Commerce and Industry of the two charges"), as well as the export tax rebate rate adjustment policies.

"These measures are expected to reduce the tax burden on businesses and residents 350,000,000,000 yuan. 120,000,000,000 yuan in transition in which value-added tax, personal income tax 36,000,000,000 yuan, 10,000,000,000 yuan deposit interest income tax, stamp duty on stock transactions 90,000,000,000 yuan, real estate taxes and fees 150 Billion, charging 34,000,000,000 yuan, 43.8 billion increase in export tax rebates. "These sources said.

Since 2008, foreign-funded enterprises, including income tax, personal income tax, deposit interest income tax, stamp duty on stock transactions, the value-added tax, export tax rebates as well as real estate tax policy, and so issued a series of tax policy, to a certain extent Let revenue, "the amount of fighting on March 5."

Reporters obtained data showed that tax reform, on January 1, 2008 to start the implementation of the new Enterprise Income Tax Law. With the caliber of the original tax, to reduce some 93,000,000,000 yuan finance; new "Provisional Regulations on land occupied by the tax," started to raise the standard deduction, the land occupied by foreign-funded enterprises with a unified tax burden is expected to increase tax revenue 20,000,000,000 yuan.

In addition, the first three quarters of this year, the Ministry of Finance to adjust a series of tax policy, on the impact of higher revenue. Among them, according to estimates, auto emission reduction of energy consumption tax policy this year is expected to increase in consumption tax of about 18 billion yuan; stamp duty this year, adjusted twice a year in 2008 is expected to levy stamp duty of about 100,000,000,000 yuan; personal income tax adjustment will reduce income tax About 300 billion; nuclear power business front-end value-added products is expected to back the policy in 2008 will reduce the income tax of about 1.8 billion; implementation of the earthquake relief and reconstruction preferential tax policies for the initial estimate of income tax will be reduced by nearly 150 billion yuan ; In addition, the low-cost housing, affordable rental housing and housing-related preferential policies and tax waiver to deposit interest income tax collection in areas such as taxation policy adjustment will affect the scale of revenue is expected to be difficult.

To expand the budget deficit next year

The increase in tax revenues decline, "embarrassment" has emerged.

"Ministry of Finance statistics of the October increase in tax revenue has been negative growth." These sources told the "China Business" reporter, "out as a result of the export tax rebate, the National Tax Administration of Statistics in October caliber of tax revenue growth is not negative , But in September a further decline. "

In fact, the tax revenue increase of 4 months in a row has declined. Ministry of Finance show that tax revenues in July year-on-year growth of 13.8% in August year-on-year growth of 11% in September year-on-year increase down to 6.5 percent, while year-on-year in October dropped by 0.5 percent.

Reporters obtained data show that in October resulted in a negative growth of tax revenue taxes, value-added tax and export tax rebates cause for concern. Value-added tax in August, when an increase of 23% in September an increase of 13.2 percent, to the increase in October, only 10.2 percent. September export tax rebates for 37,970,000,000 yuan, up 8.1 percent decline, and in October reached 60,200,000,000 yuan, increased 78.8 percent year-on-year, multi-back means that the amount of income taxation.

Increase tax revenue and income growth have emerged as a big drop in the first half of the two still maintain a growth rate of both the growth rate of more than 30%.

"Huisuanqingjiao by the first half of 2007 corporate income tax more income, stamp duty on stock transactions to increase more Qiao Mei, the export tax rebate rate goes down tail back, and so little impact on revenue in the first half more, an increase of 33%." Above The source, "but in the second half of the economy down, the slowdown in economic growth, enterprise-effective response to the impact of declining revenue, coupled with tax cuts in a row issued a series of measures to increase revenue fell more obvious."

"We expect revenue growth downward trend will continue into next year, fiscal revenue and expenditure in 2009 is expected to be difficult, the increase fell significantly, the tension between revenue and expenditure will be very prominent." These sources said.

It was also informed reporters that, for next year's balance of payments difficulties, the Ministry of Finance will increase the budget deficit next year, while the budget deficit in 2008 was 180,000,000,000 yuan, to alleviate the financial balance of payments difficulties.
Tax effect

In fact, China's fiscal revenue has in the past 5 years in a row the average growth rate of more than 20%, higher than the rate of economic growth, in the first half of 2008 revenue and tax revenue growth is still more than 30%. In such a situation, the voice of a tax cut. Central University of Finance and Economics Institute of Taxation Professor Liu Huan, vice president of the view that even if there is no financial crisis, the overall tax structure and trends it should be.

"Now with the government two years 4,000,000,000,000 yuan to increase investment in expanding domestic demand, more than 3000 billion yuan of tax cuts and Rangli still a small number. However, this tax is to send a signal to tell the current corporate tax cuts the Government has the intention of , To implement the proactive fiscal policy is the hope that business investment, which led demonstrations and the effect of a greater role in the tax itself. "Liu Huan said.

However, tax cuts for the expansion of demand will not like the role of the Government to increase investment, can lead to increase social investment. Therefore, Liu Huan said that tax cuts for the economic effect should not be too high expectations. For example, the production-based value-added tax to consumption-based transformation, even if the whole country, but only the purchase of machinery and equipment businesses in order to enjoy preferential value-added tax in transition. "At present, the general forecast of the financial crisis on China's impact on the real economy has only just begun, in the first half of next year may be a more difficult time. In such a big situation, expanding domestic demand, the Government is increasing investment in construction related factors."

This year, adjust the list of major tax policy

Value-added tax transformation

Consumer value-added tax will be implemented by the scope of the northeast and central to expand to 26 cities in eastern Inner Mongolia, 5 cities

Enterprise Income Tax Law

Since January 1, 2008, foreign-funded enterprises with a unified income tax system, a unified tax rate of 25%, to reduce the overall corporate tax burden

Personal Income Tax

Since March 1, 2008, will pay personal income tax from the salary cost of the standard deduction from 1600 yuan / month to 2,000 yuan / month

Real estate policies

From November on, for the first time on the individual purchase of 90 square meters and the following ordinary housing, temporary reunification of the deed tax rate down to 1%; on the sale or purchase of individual housing levy stamp duty waiver; sales of individual housing land value-added tax waiver

Stamp duty on stock transactions

April 24, the rate of stamp duty on securities trading down from 3 ‰ to 1 ‰; 9 on 19, the stamp duty on securities transactions be changed to impose unilateral

The export tax rebate rate

Aug. 1, will be part of the textile, clothing export tax rebate rate from 11% to 13%, part of the bamboo products of export tax rebate rate to 11%. November 1, appropriately raise the labor-intensive, high-tech and high value-added goods, the export tax rebate rate, the goods involved in 3486, accounting for all goods tariff of 25.8 percent of the total. From December 1, to raise part of the labor-intensive products, machinery and electronic products and other products have a greater impact of the export tax rebate rate, covering 3770, total exports accounted for about 27.9%

The financial crisis in China usher in a "wave of return" to the number of over 50,000

Shenzhen is at the 2008 China International Talent Exchange Conference, "overseas experts, Dr. Federation of entrepreneurship," particularly eye-catching booth. PhD Yang Jian Oxford University to stand before the exhibition, visitors are introduced to his research in the field of communications.

This is the overseas expert, Dr. Venture Association of the General Assembly for the second time to participate in the exchange. In 2007, more than 10 doctoral students from overseas Chinese experts took part in the activities, this year there are more than 30 world-renowned institutions of higher learning from the experts, Dr. made a special trip to Shenzhen, China and the search for more in-depth interaction.

"Now, home is not extremely upset, but many students studying in China after graduating from the first choice. We all see huge room for development and opportunities." Yang Jian said. He will graduate next year, hoping to find in China, with its own line of research cooperation projects.

China is to provide opportunities to attract overseas students to return to their homes. As the U.S. "Newsweek" reporter Liu Yuan said the United States, China earth-shaking changes have taken place ... ... Now the West can find a variety of work in China. But the real changes show that overseas Chinese "returning tide." Many people are afraid to be abroad a long time, will miss the emergence of new opportunities for development.

In Chinese history, large-scale return of a total of two talents. The first time was in the early years of New China, known to scientists as Qian Xuesen, and other representatives of overseas Chinese to give up their generous treatment to return to China, China engaged in the construction. For the second time in 1992 after Deng Xiaoping's southern tour speech, study abroad reached a high point of more than 150 years, due to China's modernization and the global wave of the Internet, at the same time, many students at this time choose to start returning to form another Strong tide returned.

Chinese Ministry of Education is expected to study in 2008 "returnees" to the number of more than 50,000 people, more than 4 years ago, an increase of 25,000 times. "Returnees" The total number of nearly 320,000, and this year alone, "returnees" will number more than 30 years of one-sixth. With the global financial crisis and the continuing deterioration of the economic downturn and the United States, studying abroad is more attention to China. Chinese Consulate General in New York Counselor Education and even CEN Jian-jun said that the recently approved "returnees" return to file "soft sign."

"China is now the world's most attractive markets." Princeton University, MD, Xu Han in the United States launched its innovative design of Chinese medicine, and opened an office in Shanghai. Standing by his side's expert, Dr. overseas venture, executive vice chairman of the Federation of Dr. Yang Huan said that China has entered a more fully aligned with the international era of innovation.

Over the past 30 years of reform and opening-up and high-speed development, China has accumulated a position of relative strength for professionals returned from overseas business provides a rare opportunity and space. More and more overseas students attracted by this opportunity. They want to be learned, as well as for the development of the motherland and contribute its own efforts.

"China's development needs of personnel in various fields, particularly those with advanced foreign technology and management experience in high-end talent. Tianjin Binhai New Area of the future development of you will provide enormous opportunities." Team, led by the world come to the recruitment of exceptional candidates for the personnel in Tianjin Secretary Da-Peng Wei said. He was in the 1980s went to France to study public administration. Like him have gone abroad to study the rapid rise of Chinese officials are for the country's rapid development plays a role can not be ignored.

It is undeniable that the "returnees" China's economy has become a new driving force for development. They mastered the world's advanced science and technology and business management knowledge, a global outlook. According to incomplete statistics, last year alone, returned overseas students in China to set up around the more than 4,000 enterprises, and total output value reached 100 billion yuan.

For high-end overseas professionals in economic development, the Chinese government has placed high hopes. In order to encourage them to return home, have been all over each other in the services and treatment in areas such as introduction of a series of preferential policies. If the provisions of Beijing, returned from studying abroad in Beijing start a maximum 200,000 yuan venture funding; reform and opening up a more forward position in Guangdong Province in the area introducing the "out" in one breath made innovative research team award, the leading personnel Amounted to a total of 270,000,000 yuan of the 10 measures; Shenzhen plans to introduce overseas series of high-level personnel policies, including the major cities in foreign countries to introduce talented people from overseas contact, in the category of public service units set up a "foreign expert job characteristics" Dedicated to the introduction of overseas high-level experts, the introduction of foreign experts to build the project matching funds system, to strengthen the students venture industrial park in Park and the building of platforms and so on.

Of course, for overseas talent, not just home to be rewarded. They are China's important that this "than anywhere in the world are full of vitality of the country of opportunity." In fact, with the rapid economic development, Chinese students studying overseas to provide career development opportunities and growing, this is the growing number of "returnees" chose to take the initiative to return to an important cause.

"Now is an opportune time to return to business." U.S. senior researcher at the National Institutes of Health, the University of Maryland genome and bio-informatics professor million Hong Hui said. In his view, China has let the success of the development of first-rate talent soil. To attract overseas talent to return is a major factor: "For high-end overseas talents and attention to support very large, provided a broad space to display their talent and rich in opportunity." At the same time, he also pointed out that China is currently a lack of innovation achievements The ability to cost-effective, and through their own efforts to set an example in this regard.

Chemistry, University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Yuan Ji Kang also pointed out that high-level overseas talented people to create a good working and living conditions, China has yet to improve scientific research in the academic environment, detailed standards for high-level talents in areas such as further work to do.

"But in any case, nothing can stop me back to the development of China's determination and confidence." Yuan Ji Kang said.

Hu Jintao: to maintain stable and rapid economic development as top priority

CPC Central Committee Political Bureau on November 29 for the morning of the ninth study group, presided over by Hu Jintao, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee.

He stressed that the complicated domestic and international economic conditions, we want to effectively solve the problems encountered all kinds of contradictions and problems and maintain stable and rapid economic development and enhance the comprehensive national strength, international competitiveness, sustainable development must be firm Firmly adhere to the development of strategic thinking is the last word, and stick to the path of scientific development.

The collective of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau to study the contents of the arrangements with regard to promoting the development of China's scientific research. Song Hong researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the National Development and Reform Commission Zhang Yansheng researcher at the Academy of Macroeconomic Research on this issue on, and Tan Ledui to promote economic and social development of fast and good comments and suggestions.

Members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade carefully listened to their explanation, and on the relevant issues are discussed.

Hu Jintao presided over the study made a speech. He pointed out that the current international financial crisis continues to spread and spread, the external conditions for China's development more complex. In a period of time, we will highlight the face of the international financial crisis continued to deepen, the world's economic growth slowed down significantly the pressure faced by highlighting a significant reduction in external demand, China's traditional competitive advantages to gradually weaken the pressure faced by highlighting the increasingly fierce international competition, investment and Trade protectionism is rising pressure on population, resources and environment highlighted the constraints facing the growing changes in the way of economic development require more immediate pressure. Can we convert pressure into driving force for change challenges into opportunities, and maintain stable and rapid economic development, our ability to handle complicated situations test of our ability to test for the party in power. The scientific concept of development that the first prerequisite is to develop. In the current circumstances, we must firmly grasp economic construction as the center of the situation, decisive decision-making, was carefully planned to take effective measures to promote the fast development of economic and social good.

Hu stressed that to achieve scientific development, we must first firmly establish the concept of scientific development. To fully implement the Party's 17 large and 17 Third Plenary Session of the spirit of the party's in-depth study of three generations of central collective leadership with regard to development thinking, in-depth study on the development of the Marxist world outlook and methodology, theory and practice of combining a deep understanding of the And a comprehensive grasp of the scientific development concept of scientific connotation, the spiritual essence of the fundamental requirements to the scientific development concept to promote the scientific development into a strong will, to plan the development of science and the right ideas to lead the development of science and the actual ability to promote the scientific development of policies and measures . To grasp the profound scientific development of the socialist modernization drive the new requirements of the new issues to look at the broad vision of development in order to plan the development of strategic thinking in order to promote the development of the dialectical perspective, it is necessary to promote economic development but also promote the fast and good all-round social progress And the all-round development, it is necessary to make efforts to solve the current problems encountered in the development of the prominent contradictions and problems have to practice, focus on enhancing the development of science and stamina.

Hu Jintao pointed out that to achieve scientific development, the key is to establish and implement the scientific development approach. We have to speed up the transformation of the mode of development, and enhance the sustainability of development as an urgent strategic task for a really good job. To stick to the road of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics, adhering to a new road to industrialization with Chinese characteristics, and adhere to building a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society on the industrialization and modernization strategy for the development of the prominent location, speed up the formation of urban and rural economic and social development of the new pattern of integration . To focus on the development of new global economic situation, adhere to the basic national policy of opening to the outside world, optimizing the structure and opening up, improve the quality of opening up, step up implementation of the export market diversification strategy and make better use of international and domestic markets and resources.

Hu stressed that the promotion of scientific development, in the final analysis, in order to achieve, maintain, and develop the fundamental interests of the people. Only the fruits of development to reflect the improving living standards, to satisfy people's increasing material and cultural needs, and promote the all-round development, scientific development in order to become the party of the people of all ethnic groups conscious action. In economic development on the basis of efforts to protect and improve the people's livelihood, continued to address most of the people most directly concerned with the most realistic interests.

Hu stressed that the study and practice the scientific concept of development activities are underway. Party committees at all levels of party members and cadres to focus on education, on the level of scientific development, the people have to benefit, overall planning and organization carefully, to promote down-to-earth, truth-seeking and pragmatic style of the wind, Tai Hing to conduct investigation and study earnestly take up the leadership responsibility to ensure that Studying and practicing the campaign is effective. To enhance the focus on leading cadres at all levels to promote scientific development, promote social harmony ability to truly embody the concept of scientific development to the Party organizations at all levels and leading cadres at all levels of operation, do set an example to promote the development of science, do solid work to implement the scientific发展.

China has reported 260,000 cases of AIDS cases

Chinese Ministry of Health officials say 30, as of September 30, 2008, China has reported 260,000 cases of AIDS cases, of which 77,000 cases of AIDS patients; report of the death of more than 3 cases.

Xinhua Beijing on November 30 (Reporter ZHOU Ting-yu, CUI Jing) 30, the Chinese Ministry of Health informed that as of September 30, 2008, China has reported 264,302 cases of AIDS cases, of which 77,753 cases of AIDS patients; report of the death of 34,864 cases.

In the Ministry of Health, UNAIDS, and other co-hosted the 2008 World AIDS Day press conference, the Ministry of Health AIDS prevention and disease control bureau Deputy Director Wang Zhen, in January 2008 to September, China reported a total of HIV Infected patients and 44,839 cases, the report of the 6897 case of death.

Wang Zhen said that China AIDS epidemic in the overall low prevalence, and a specific group of people in some areas of high prevalence of the situation, has four main features: First, the AIDS epidemic has slowed up; Second, sexually transmitted has become the main mode of transmission; three AIDS is a disease of the large difference in the distribution of the region; four factors of the AIDS epidemic is widespread.

Wang Zhen said that in 2008, China further strengthen AIDS prevention and treatment mechanism through the implementation of policies and measures to strengthen and increase financial input to the full implementation of the "Four Frees and One Care" policy, behavior intervention to promote a broad and comprehensive preventive measures, such as, for the full containment of AIDS The spread has laid a solid foundation for prevention and treatment of positive progress has been made.

She pointed out that the next step, China will continue to increase more outbreaks, such as rural and remote areas and the floating population, young people and other key AIDS education; continue to strengthen the work of the behavioral intervention, steadily community methadone maintenance treatment and condom promotion The use of the work, increase in sex workers and MSM in the intervention group and expand the coverage of interventions to reduce new infection.

She also stressed that China will continue to fully implement the "Four Frees and One Care" policy to promote the work of the demonstration zone, to expand the effectiveness of prevention and treatment to improve the treatment of second-line drugs can be and, step by step in the expansion of the scope of the medical treatment of AIDS, rising anti-viral treatment The level and quality of service.

Wen Jiabao visited AIDS orphans will be increased year by year, said prevention and treatment funds

December 1 was World AIDS Day. Here on the eve of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, State Council Premier Wen Jiabao made a special trip to the city of Fuyang in Anhui Province, in-depth focus on the AIDS villages, a cordial visit AIDS patients and primary care, prevention and treatment of AIDS to understand the situation and listen to AIDS prevention and treatment of workers Comments and suggestions.

Over the past five years, Wen Jiabao made a special trip every year to visit AIDS patients and orphaned children. Two years ago, Fuyang, Anhui golden red, yellow and Xin-Mei Huang Lei three siblings should be on the invitation of Premier Wen Jiabao met a stranger. Their parents because of AIDS and the death of 85-year-old grandmother to take care of them. This time, Wen Jiabao also made a special trip to visit.

Four children aunt grandparent and grandchild is a guest house, the Prime Minister asked in detail about their lives to study the situation and they have been living allowance, the leader in the secondary, second, third at the junior high school, Wen Jiabao very happy. He gave each person a set of three siblings dictionary bags and encourage them to conscientiously study and hope to live.

Premier Wen Jiabao to the children in one way or another car along a country lane not far come to their own home, the house had plastered walls of a certificate is the only family wealth. When he learned that the children's aunt, unfortunately also infected with AIDS, Wen Jiabao came to their house, carefully told.

"Wen Jiabao: You insist on taking medicine? Drug that has just begun to eat some may be uncomfortable.

The children's aunt: used to be just fine.

Wen Jiabao: Another point of attention of their own - the cold weather, not the cold. "

As night fell, Wen Jiabao and his entourage arrived by car in the town of Funan Wang Tai Village, and patients are sitting together. A seven-year-old girl also infected with AIDS, Wen Jiabao gently patted her, encourage her:

"Medicine can tell you to the elementary school, high school, but also to go to college! You should have the confidence."

Wen has also been about two years ago, also met to be a guest of Small Nannan AIDS. In Funan County residence, he specialized staff to take their children to meet.

"Wen Jiabao: remember that in Zhongnanhai it?

Nan Nan: I remember.

Wen Jiabao: I still cry nose. (Laughter) want to leave after you, so you have invited.

Nan Nan: I would very much like you. Did not expect to see you today.

Wen Jiabao: most of the more. "

Two years ago, Nan Nan small to Zhongnanhai, the cry has been, to see Premier Wen Jiabao, always a smile on the face.

Two years ago, Wen Jiabao her inscription - "strong, hard, hard up." Nannan now on the first two days, their independent living. Wen Jiabao at this time gave her the inscription on the dictionary, encouraged her to "stand up, walk, do not stick."

In the evening, Wen Jiabao chaired a forum in Funan County. At the forum, 9 experts and grass-roots AIDS worker, made a statement. In his speech, Wen Jiabao first national AIDS prevention and control workers, medical workers and volunteers expressed his gratitude and respect. He said that the party and government attaches great importance to AIDS prevention and control and adopted a series of policies and measures adopted by the cadres and the masses and the joint efforts of medical workers, the incidence of AIDS have been effectively curbed. Practice has proved that Chinese people have the confidence, determination and ability to do a good job in AIDS prevention and treatment.

Wen stressed that Party committees and governments at all levels should attach great importance to AIDS prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, the prevention and treatment work in an important position, measures to-earth manner. It is necessary to seriously implement the "Four Frees and One Care" policy, the real benefit in patients with AIDS, as well as the affected families. To strengthen key areas and focus on the prevention and treatment of people, to improve the effectiveness of prevention and treatment.

Wen Jiabao also said the Government should continue to increase input in AIDS prevention and treatment has increased year by year funding. Especially in the present, we have run into financial crisis on China's economic impact, the more difficult times, the more attention should be paid to people's health protection. Research should continue to focus on AIDS prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, AIDS antiviral drugs to be included in the national essential drugs list.

Wen Jiabao said, there is a strong party and government leadership, with the active participation of society as a whole, AIDS will be a new and greater progress.


Taipei Detention Center confirmed that Chen Shui-bian has ended a hunger strike for 15 days

16-day fasting has been close to the Chen Shui-bian on the 27th to start eating dinner 500 ml of rice, a soft-boiled eggs with the protein. Taipei will closely monitor the detention center, he gradually adapt to normal food.

According to the "Central News Agency" reported that the Taipei Detention Center said that because Chen Shui-bian has resumed eating, so that night he was not measuring blood pressure and blood sugar. In the past three meals a day, after meals, Chen Shui-bian for measuring the frequency of vital signs, it will depend on his state of health, to delay for two or three days testing time.

A spokesman for the Taipei Detention Center, deputy director of the Lee Otake said that by noon the same day to provide 500 ml of rice to the Chen Shui-bian, with the inmates in custody of the accused have admitted to eating a normal room in custody, although Chen Shui-bian did not eat vegetables, but all of porridge 500 ml If they do finish all.

Through observation and assessment of physicians, part of the dinner, in addition to the provision of 500 ml of porridge, rice in the soft-boiled eggs have been added to the protein, ground, and in the rice inside to increase the protein nutrition.

Li Otake said that while lawyers have not met the same day, Chen Shui-bian's apparent improvement in sentiment, also released this morning by movement closure time of 15 minutes. 14:00, a bath and wash clothes, most of the time to read books, files lawsuit study time decreased.

Chen Shui-bian from 12 detainees at the detention center after fasting, during the medical escort ring at one time. Later in the Ku Quan doctor, he began drinking diluted sports drinks before, 26 meters to break the fast start drinking water, 27, started to eat more rice, the end of the fasting.

Foreign Ministry: China and Europe when meeting with the leaders of France depends on the efforts

Foreign Ministry: China and Europe when meeting with the leaders of France depends on the efforts
Q: China announced today the postponement of EU-China Summit to be held and comment. At present, plans to postpone the meeting to be held? France must meet the conditions, China will resume the China-EU Summit?

Answer: the 11th China-EU Summit to be held depends on when the EU presidency when the French side to take practical measures for meeting the creation of necessary conditions and atmosphere for good. China is committed to the development of China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership and the determination of the policy has not changed. We are willing to make joint efforts with the EU side to further safeguard and promote the healthy and stable development of Sino-EU relations.


Chan Mei Chen Deng 3 in the United States has been detected in milk contained traces of melamine

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 25 said the United States and found that production of baby milk powder contained traces of melamine, but were very low and will not bring any risk to human health. Mead Johnson said did not receive test results The Associated Press quoted FDA testing data is reported, Mead Johnson Enfamil LIPIL infant formula iron contained traces of melamine, to strengthen Nestle Good Start infant formula contained traces of iron Cyanuric, that is a derivative of melamine. Abbott was found not detect with the above-mentioned chemical formula, but a spokesman for Abbott said that the internal self-test found that the product contained traces of melamine. FDA testing 77 samples of infant formula, found that Mead Johnson Enfamil LIPIL iron infant formula samples contained traces of melamine. The bodies of the spreadsheet shows that this formula by the two samples tested for melamine content of 137 parts per billion, 140 parts per billion. Mead Johnson spokeswoman Gaierwude said that the FDA has not yet received test results, internal testing found no products containing melamine. Nestle Good Start infant formula iron enhanced by the 3rd sample testing found that the content of Cyanuric average of 247 parts per billion. Testing also found that two children nutritious food samples Nestle melamine. Nestle and self-test similar to the results of the FDA Nestle Nutrition Peptamen Junior children by the two samples tested for melamine content of 201 parts per billion, 206 parts per billion. Nestle Nutren Junior-Fiber child nutrition by the two samples tested for melamine content of 160 parts per billion, 184 parts per billion. Nestle North America head of Walter Huber told the Associated Press reporter, two business-to-child nutrition and the FDA's test results similar to the results, but in any product samples found Cyanuric. Abbott said the FDA was found with the "three-" FDA said that the detection of 18 samples of milk powder after Abbott was found with one of melamine. However, the Associated Press quoted a spokesman for Abbott Colin Ke Beien as saying that internal self-test products found to contain melamine, but the content is far lower than the world standard of health restrictions, "and we are talking about trace." Statistics provided by the Associated Press showed that Abbott, Nestle, Mead Johnson and the US-three milk producer in the U.S. infant formula market share of over 90%. FDA recently precision detection of baby milk powder Since the U.S. government in September this year, since testing started, including infant formula, whether the various types of food containing melamine, in recent weeks to take a more sophisticated means of detection. Food and Drug Administration under the Food Safety and Applied Nutrition director of the Center for Sendeluofu Stephen said: "We detected the (melamine) were very low ... ... from the public health or the health of the baby's point of view, we believe that the (trace of melamine ) No problem completely. " He suggested that parents should not change the child's diet, "If they previously (for infants) some food products, should continue to do so. So in the best interests of the baby." Sendeluofu said melamine has not yet received the report of the cause of human disease.

Chinese media said the Dalai Lama to visit Europe as a result of China-EU summit postponed

26 Agence France-Presse reported that on the same day the EU said in a statement, as the Dalai Lama will visit Europe next week, China postponed the originally scheduled to be held next week with the European Union summit. The EU statement said: "The Chinese government has postponed scheduled for Dec. 1 to convene the 11th session of the EU - China summit decided to inform the EU." The statement said that China made the decision because the Dalai Lama at the summit will be held at the same time visit to Europe.


The Chinese government does not treat the existence of repression in Tibet

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Web site, the Central United Front Work Department of the Deputy Minister Zhu Weiqun, a few days ago on the Tibet issue, to accept international affairs editor of the BBC's interview with Simpson. Zhu Weiqun, said in the interview to refute the so-called "China's central government has relied on repression to maintain the rule in Tibet." He said that people of all ethnic groups in Tibet are Chinese citizens of all ethnic groups in Tibet are brothers, why should we suppress them? On the contrary, the past few years, the central authorities in Tibet's economic and social construction has been given the all-round care and support.

Zhu Weiqun, said that the provinces were a burden on the Tibet region or a city building, reflects the central authorities and all the people of Tibet's deep friendship, there is no bullying and bullying. Tibet to be developed by Mr. Deng Xiaoping said, walking in the forefront of modernization, people of all ethnic groups in Tibet have to rely on their own efforts, their efforts are essential, but it does need the central government and provinces and cities to give more care and assistance.

"As for you (referring to the interviewer) said the repression, we only engaged in separatist activities on the part of the people," 3.14 "serious criminal acts of vandalism burning people to give legal sanction." Zhu said that the group, "3 14 "incident, less than a day, 18 innocent people were killed and burnt to death, burned and injured nearly 400 people, including dozens of serious injuries. 18 killed, including a store of 5 girls, all in the first 20-year-old Gang Chu, a fire burned all, one of them is a Tibetan. Dazi on the outskirts of Lhasa to have a motorcycle repair of the people, a family of five were all burned to death by a fire. In the face of those bad elements, it should not be in accordance with the law for it? In the world which country will agree with connivance, to allow such people to ravage the people and not to give legal sanction? Why this has become China's "brutal repression"? This There is no reason.

Zhu Weiqun, said that in the case of the whole process, as well as criminals Guoxie people enjoy the rights provided for by law. If the minority of people, know the Chinese language, when the trial must be equipped with translation, to guarantee his legal rights can be guaranteed. So far, the trial, about 1,000 have been released, the vast majority of which were surrendered to the government. Really be sanctioned by law, only forty to fifty individuals. Of course, not the end of the trial, how many people will finally be brought to justice, what kind of punishment is the judiciary.

Zhu said that the group, I have seen in some countries and the media as a result of vandalism and the burning by law to deal with these people's human rights be respected and it is very concerned about security, expressed a lot of opinions. But I take a number of countries have seen a lot of material, some people did not see were killed and burned to death 18 ordinary people, injured hundreds of people have said what they do not have human rights? Their right to life should not be To protect it? March 14, I had to Lhasa very soon, I have 5 girls were burnt to death on the ruins of the stores to offer them a hada. I support the judiciary to arbitrarily deprive any person of life, according to the law to punish the bad guys, this is the wish of the Chinese people in general. I hope that the countries concerned and the media have to be concerned about.


Greece talks with President Hu Jintao thanked for the support of the Beijing Olympic Games

Chinese President Hu Jintao on the 24th in Athens with Greek President Karolos Papoulias held talks. They pledged to work together in the Greek all-round strategic partnership relations to a higher level, better benefit the two peoples. Hu Jintao pointed out that China and Greece are both countries with ancient civilizations and the two peoples has a long history of friendship. The establishment of diplomatic relations 36 years ago, bilateral relations have maintained sound development momentum can be different civilizations, different social systems and levels of development of national mutual understanding, a model of harmonious coexistence. Greek government and people actively support the Beijing Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, the Beijing Olympic Games torch in the collection, transfer and delivery relay, the Greek side has given strong support to ensure the smooth progress of related activities. The Chinese Government and people of the Greek government and people for the Beijing Olympic Games, Paralympic Games for their support. Hu Jintao pointed out that in recent years, the rapid growth of Sino-Greek trade, maritime cooperation between the two countries entered a new stage. "Greek Culture Year" in China a successful end, the people of the two countries have enhanced mutual understanding and friendship. Sino-Greek relations have been standing at a new historical starting point, faced with an even broader prospects for development. Hu Jintao on the development of Sino-Greek bilateral relations to make the following recommendations 4:00. First, the consolidation of Sino-Greek friendship, enhance political mutual trust. Maintain high-level exchanges, expand personnel exchanges and civil society to strengthen the two governments, legislative bodies, political dialogue and cooperation, mutual understanding and support each other's major concerns. Greece hopes the EU to continue to promote the healthy and stable development of Sino-EU relations to play an active and important role. Second, open up new areas, expand pragmatic cooperation. China is willing to import more Chinese market demand for Greece's edge products. The Chinese side encourages Chinese enterprises to invest in Greece, Greece to participate in infrastructure construction and is willing to seize the port terminals and co-operation opportunities between the two countries to enhance maritime cooperation quality and level of the two sides to promote energy, environmental protection and tourism cooperation in new industries. Third, expanding humanistic exchanges, enhance friendship of the people. Sum up the "Greek Culture Year" and the Olympic experience beneficial cooperation, the two countries to make full use of the rich cultural resources, to carry out a variety of cultural activities. Between the two countries to strengthen institutions, research institutions and think tanks and media exchange, the increase in the exchange of students. Expanding local and non-governmental exchanges between the two countries, so that Sino-Greek friendship and more people. Fourth, strengthen multilateral cooperation and seek a harmonious development. China attaches importance to Sino-EU relations and European affairs in Greece to the important influence of the United Nations is willing to strengthen bilateral cooperation in multilateral organizations such as communication and coordination on UN reform, climate change, environmental protection, sustainable development, regional hot spots such as the common concern Strengthen consultation on major international issues and jointly promote world peace and development. Papoulias warmly congratulate the Beijing Olympic Games a complete success, he was pleased to Greece and China have been held this century, the two-time Olympic Games. Papoulias agreed with Hu's view on bilateral relations and suggestions. He said that cultural cooperation between Greece and China are very active, good economic and trade cooperation. He said that the Chinese side will continue to take measures to achieve development in the bilateral trade balance between encouraging. Hope that the two sides to strengthen high-level visits, strengthen the cultural, economic, trade, investment, shipbuilding, shipping, and other areas of cooperation between the two countries to promote the development of comprehensive strategic partnership. Greece-EU relations will continue to make active efforts. Hu briefed the leaders of the Group of Twenty financial markets and the summit of the world economy and the Chinese government to expand domestic demand and stimulate economic growth. Papoulias said that Greece concerned about China's development and China on the international stage the important role played by President Hu Jintao at the summit position, reflects the Chinese government is willing to work with the international community to address the aspirations of the financial crisis. Greek side spoke highly of China's government in response to the international financial crisis by the positive measures taken. Papoulias on the situation in the Western Balkans. Hu said that for peace and development have become the Western Balkan countries on the basic national policy. We hope that the West Balkan countries and countries in the region from long-term interests of national development, through patient dialogue and properly resolve issues left over by history, to build long-term stability, prosperity and development of the Western Balkans. After the talks, and Hu Jintao attended today's talks on plant quarantine between the two countries signing ceremony, and then met with reporters. Prior to the talks, Hu attended his visit Papoulias held a grand welcoming ceremony. Make plans, Wang Huning, Dai, also attended the above-mentioned activities.

China People's Congress has a duty to raise the threshold to reach a consensus

"China Daily" quoted the 22 Beijing University economist as saying that Zhou Qi Ren, the National People's Congress on raising the personal income tax threshold to reach a consensus. Threshold to 2,000 yuan at present. According to Reuters, today reported net Chinese, "China Daily" quoted Zhou Qi Ren as saying that the personal income tax threshold should be raised to a greater degree, but he did not disclose specific figures. Zhou Qi Ren said: "As far as I know, the National People's Congress has reached a consensus." State Information Center said last month that China should raise the personal income tax threshold to 3,000 yuan. Zhou Qi Ren and recommended that the Government will be value-added tax rate from 17% to 7%, a further reduction in import tariffs, raising the export tax rebate and let private enterprises in the economy as a whole to play a greater role. He said that these measures may allow the Government is facing financial difficulties, but it must do so.


Yang Jiechi met with Russian Foreign Minister

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi 23 in Lima, Peru met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Both sides agreed that this year the Sino-Russian strategic partnership of cooperation to maintain a good momentum of development, make breakthroughs in cooperation, deepening strategic cooperation. Medvedev and President Hu Jintao in Washington and Lima held two important meetings, bilateral relations between the two countries and cooperation in international affairs inject new momentum. The two sides agreed that China and Russia should be based on the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations next year as an opportunity to work together to implement an in-depth leaders of the two countries reached important consensus to maintain high-level visits, deepened political mutual trust, in relation to each other's core interests on major issues continue to firmly support each other ; Unswervingly push forward practical cooperation, China's success next year, "Russian Year"; in strengthening international and regional affairs, coordination and enrich the Sino-Russian strategic cooperative relations and promote bilateral relations to a new height.

How to treat a large number of Chinese holders of U.S. treasury bonds

In the near future, "the United States to become China's largest overseas bond holders" This news has become the focus of attention. In the face of the complex international financial situation, we should look at how the new changes? First of all, one must acknowledge that the reality is that the dollar is still the most important international currency, the dollar assets of the depth and breadth of the market in the world today is still second to none. After World War II, U.S. hegemony despite wind and rain, but had survived, simply because there is strong U.S. support for the comprehensive national strength, the exchange rate policy and national interests around the long-term trend in U.S. dollars. U.S. dollar exchange rate ups and downs of the United States can bring huge economic benefits, the United States will also step up efforts to maintain the U.S. hegemony. The world's major central bank's foreign exchange reserves, the proportion of U.S. high as 60% more than in recent years, relatively stable. Even if the dollar-denominated assets held by the major sell-off a large number of people interested in, not to mention the book value of assets on the stock of major impacts on how to find buyers as well as cash funds to switch to the market which are problematic. Secondly, look at how the United States treasury bonds and other assets such as commodities in the overseas assets of China's foreign exchange reserves, in particular the position? China is a shortage of resources and energy, the next copper, oil and even water resources and energy will seem very valuable, but such Jiancang direct large-scale product is not realistic because of our huge amount of foreign exchange assets, and easily lead to international financial Substantial market volatility and cause unnecessary friction. Only the size of 200,000,000,000 U.S. dollars of investment in companies in the global financial market impact has been more than we imagine, let alone 10 times in the foreign exchange reserves had. This is not to say we do not have reserve assets of decentralization, indirectly, to buy part of the strategic commodity is useful, but we do not deal with small-scale decentralization brought about by the improvement in the overall rate of return have high expectations. In fact, the current U.S. national debt is still the most international financial market liquidity, relatively low credit risk assets, especially short-term bond holdings are a crisis varieties during the "cash is king" a manifestation of ideas. This corresponds to that the U.S. Federal Reserve data released last week showed that foreign central banks in the last seven weeks in a row to reduce the risk of high U.S. agency debt, and the United States continue to favor bonds. Third, in an increasingly complex game in the country, we should take full advantage of the creditors of the initiative, although not have to follow the example of the United States, the International Monetary Fund, and other international assistance, taken almost to blackmail. On the United States, China to relax export restrictions on high-tech products to Chinese financial institutions to open up access for U.S. financial system, China in the United States to allow more freedom of mergers and acquisitions and so on, can become the content of the negotiations, which are The United States believed there should be liberal meaning. We have a view of the huge amount of foreign exchange assets of China to carry out the international aid should be extended to a wider range, should be able to China in the international economic and financial system have the right to reasonable discourse. At the same time, for holders of government bonds, such as the United States could face the depreciation of the exchange rate, inflation risk, we can ask a higher premium and safeguards to further consider the issue or Panda bonds. Finally, although "the largest overseas holder," Our growth in wealth, but did not feel well-off simultaneously strengthening our economic development there is room for improvement. In the United States published by China's Ministry of Finance held by the U.S. Treasury data, the majority should come from our foreign exchange reserves, in which there is a lot of trade surplus and FDI, and so created. In the face of constantly updated data on foreign exchange reserves, as well as the subsequent "growth pains", in the past, export-oriented economic policies to attract foreign investment and local government as the most important task of governing ideas need to change. After all, the continued use of the valuable resources and energy subsidies to the world is not desirable. In addition, the national income accounts from the point of view, the trade surplus with the corresponding high savings, and high savings is also the root causes of the economic future of the main expenditure is expected to uncertainty. As a result, the current increase should be related to the livelihood of the people of education, health care and other fields of investment.

Hu Jintao met in Lima, Peru Medvedev

Chinese President Hu Jintao met in Lima, 23, Russian President Vladimir Medvedev. Hu said that the world political and economic situation is undergoing the most profound end of the Cold War and complicated changes, the need to strengthen the Sino-Russian strategic cooperation. It is imperative to work together to overcome the international financial crisis caused by the adverse effects of the two countries to maintain good economic development momentum at the same time promote the reform of the international financial system; seriously implement the " implementation of the Platform"; to strengthen strategic security consultations in a timely manner On major international and regional issues of exchange of views, coordinate positions; continue to strengthen in relation to each other's core interests of the major issues of mutual support and cooperation; the development of the Sino-Russian strategic cooperation partnership with the combination of market-oriented principles, and promote pragmatic cooperation in various fields to better Development; good preparations for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations and the "Russian Year" and "Chinese Year" activities. Medvedev said that in the current situation, Russia and China should strengthen cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region and the world related to peace and security issues of strategic consultations. Russia is ready to deal with the Chinese side on the international financial crisis to strengthen consultation and cooperation between the two countries the financial sector can be met in a timely manner, on the implementation of the leaders of the Group of Twenty financial markets and the world economic summit and the APEC informal leadership meeting of the results Discussion. I have directed the Russian authorities immediately implement the " implementation of the Program" to promote trade between the two countries to strengthen the peaceful use of nuclear energy and other fields of cooperation. In each of the two countries to do the language is a good and meaningful activities, the Russian side will work closely with the Chinese side, practical activities to do a good job. With regard to the six-party talks and in Northeast Asia peace and security, Hu said the six-party talks, the parties should continue to strengthen coordination and cooperation in a comprehensive and balanced implementation of the second phase of the operation on the basis of the talks entered a new stage of the process. To push forward the six-party talks process on the basis of promoting the gradual establishment of Northeast Asia peace and security mechanism. China supports Russia as a Northeast Asia peace and security mechanism to take the lead and take the lead coordinating role, the two sides can promote regional economic cooperation, strengthen coordination. Medvedev said that the parties should properly handle differences and promote the six-party talks and in Northeast Asia peace and security in the process. Make plans, Wang Huning, Dai Bingguo was present at the meeting.

China's largest iron and steel base in most of the 300 steel on the verge of collapse

From the Beijing Railway Station, one and a half hours after the train stops at North Station in Tangshan. Tangshan from North Station to the city of Tangshan is located in the building of the Tangshan Iron and Steel Tower Road, there are more than a half hour's drive. This way, all along the steel plant. Hang Xin steel, iron and steel Rongtai, Shengda H-type steel and so on. But here there is no way to start the scene, the factory can not see the chimney smoke billowing smoke, all along the road have not seen the transportation of large steel raw materials or trucks, and even to find a way to ask people very difficult. "Tangshan Iron and Steel around 300 steel mills all closed down." Tang Gang members have also told reporters this. Tangshan and the surrounding area is the whole of China's largest iron and steel industry base, next to Caofeidian, the major port of Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province has just been integrated into the Iron and Steel Group total production capacity will reach 31,750,000 tons, ranking first. Shougang's normal annual production to 8,000,000 tons. The peripheral, iron and steel ecological chain of small and medium enterprises spread all over. Now, all these companies are going through an unprecedented winter. "Tang did not stop production of steel, also made wage" Tangshan Iron and Steel plant stand in the old Simon, the people of Tangshan Iron and Steel told reporters, said: "Look here, here in the first few months of waiting in line to pull a large cargo truck packed with all now see almost all of the." He is said, by Simon from a truck, loaded with the above hot-rolled steel ring a few, and since then no longer pull into the car with goods. "I know that some steel mills have Kouqian, we can pay reproduced, but also may be due to our wage is the lowest in the steel mills. We do not have to stop the production line is now cut. Only a boil." Prior to that, Tangshan Iron and Steel Quarterly Bulletin of the three report card was good-looking, 3 quarter of the company to achieve operating income 16,735,000,000 yuan, up 54.9 percent; of the total operating cost 15,937,000,000 yuan, up 58.9 percent; net profit 558,000,000 yuan, up 1.45 %. Average monthly net profit to 186 million. "Third quarter just when to open the Olympic Games, then brought in measuring the direction of Beijing's pollution sources, the Tangshan Iron and Steel up to here, in order to service the Olympic Games, we stopped to have been part of, but so much of Tangshan Iron & Steel steel production Too much influence, and later during the day and into production, the production of the evening. Spite of this production still has some impact, and thereafter did not expect that we are faced with the crisis, the collapse has been from August to now, all production Shangbu Lai Can not come. "The source said. However, the people, and other loss-making steel mill, Tangshan Iron and Steel is now in profit, last month, the Tangshan Iron and Steel "book" profit 1,000 million. The source said: "There is no loss has been very good, and now only a boil. Next to the West, Zimbabwe Iron and Steel, a dozen losses Jige Yi." From the third quarter of the average monthly net profit of close to 2 million in the fourth quarter profits on more than 1000 million. Tangshan Iron, a business manager told reporters: "Well, a large steel plant, a month before more than 1,000 million profit, funny sounds. But these works is the good of the state-owned, privately-run steel mills survive the no." Above that of Tangshan Iron and Steel, Tangshan Iron and Steel better than other iron and steel plant because of Tangshan Iron and Steel own source more, the pressure on the stock relative to those dependent on foreign mining companies much smaller.

In December reflected a loss of focus In addition to the Tangshan Iron and Steel, Iron and Steel Group and Hebei belong to the Handan Iron & Steel is also the winter, Handan Iron & Steel revealed that three of the Quarterly Bulletin, in the third quarter's net profit was 2.67 billion yuan, up 72.95 percent, but growth for the ring than -0.68%. Handan Iron & Steel Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the military accounted for Chen said: "The Handan Iron & Steel production also, the company is not optimistic about the fourth quarter performance, it is possible there will be a loss." The reporters have encountered in the Tangshan Iron and Steel, a West Zimbabwe, he told reporters, Zimbabwe Iron and Steel West indeed a Deficit ten Jige Yi, but also a loss in December. "Shi Sansi loss of 000 million have now is a loss in December reflected in all at once, and then wait to see next year. Now this situation, we can not help, other medium-sized steel similar circumstances, it will be difficult to hold on to . " Although that can only be hoped that next year on, but the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, Luo Bingsheng said that in the near future, iron and steel enterprises in the fourth quarter of this year, reflecting the export orders decreased by 50% in the first quarter of next year steel products export orders also significantly Reduction, the next step will be China's steel exports will decline further. Zimbabwe's iron and steel and the West have announced similar steel, for steel, such as Wugang, which are among the few Hebei Iron and Steel Group's steel plant, Hebei Iron & Steel Group mainly by the Tangshan Iron and Steel Group, Handan Iron and Steel Group to form a joint, and its ownership of Tangshan Iron and Steel , Handan Iron and Steel, announced steel, for steel, Wugang, the value board, up financial securities, trade, mining, Jingtang 10 subsidiary companies. Iron and Steel Group and Hebei on its mining companies have also been integrated, the newly formed Hebei Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. in the mining industry by the end of September to set up early in October, the former Tangshan Iron and Steel Group, Handan Iron and Steel Group, owned by mining integration, with a directly for the mine Tangshan Iron & Steel and Handan Iron and Steel to provide raw materials. An informed source told reporters: "Now look Hebei Iron and Steel Group is the country's largest steel group, in fact, the Hebei Iron and Steel Group in-house integrated iron and steel enterprises, restructuring of the effects are not obvious. Now Tangshan Iron and Steel, Handan Iron and Steel, announced steel And so these are Hebei, a subsidiary of Iron and Steel Group, a subsidiary of the decision-making to do, do all the work that those people; and that made decision-making subsidiary, the parent company of the general layout or not to intervene, so as before, from the business The basic point of view has not changed. "

Shougang Caofeidian loss on ignition Ji Geyi The source also confirmed to reporters Shougang Caofeidian the main reason to postpone the project. "As long as the Caofeidian ignition, before the end of the year will be Kuidiao Jige Yi, ignition loss will be, how can point. Shougang Caofeidian at the time of ignition invitations were sent to all the plants, there is no way to do at that time Point, but the point is a small stove is not important, the other did not fire. " Shougang planned to Caofeidian 10,000,000 tons of the project on October 18 officially put into operation, but that if the Shougang put into production at this time, it will increase the deficit; at the same time due to the increase in supply could lead to a further decline in steel prices. The Shougang Group Chairman Zhu Jimin recent position seems to confirm this. In the recently held a "Shougang the exchange of experience in pioneering innovative excellence", ordered Zhu Jimin, as soon as possible to come up with countermeasures to deal with the "winter" came, "promotional price cuts, production will be a normal winter." Zhu Jimin said: "the beginning of winter, just like a snake, if we do not twist the winter, but also show patience walk around, it indicates death." China Iron and Steel Industry Association statistics show that this year's 1-9 month, the steel industry amounted to a loss of 1,154,000,000 yuan, is 18.06 times the same period last year. As of October, the country's large and medium-sized steel enterprises may face a loss of more than 60%.

San Lu Group of foreign implying to all of Sanlu shares will be sold

Yesterday, Fonterra chief executive Andrew Ferrier said: "Although the parties have not reached the final on the sale of assets Sanlu agreement, but the present situation, it is more likely that these assets will enter the Sanlu liabilities. And This is the result of Fonterra will have to write off the investment. "This means that Fonterra will sell all shares in San Lu. Fonterra in 2005 injected 864,000,000 yuan stake in San Lu, San Lu holds 43% stake in San Lu in the board of directors to send three directors. Melamine incident, the Fonterra stake in San Lu estimated 59% of the asset impairment, that is, 85,000,000 U.S. dollars, the book value of equity therefore reduced to 42,000,000 U.S. dollars. Fonterra said that the sale of stake in San Lu will allow Fonterra in China to find new investment opportunities. Fonterra shares held by the New Zealand dairy farmers also believe that the melamine incident so that they are victims, should quickly hand Fonterra's stake in San Lu, in order to protect the Fonterra and the quality of the milk. Previously, the company has denied that the sale of stake in San Lu. In addition, yesterday there were indications that the basic program to finalize the sale of Sanlu: Three will be hosting the first post-acquisition. And the continued acquisition of the final results are expected to be released before the end of the year. According to the group close to the negotiations related to the sources, three with San Lu has reached an agreement on the acquisition and are just waiting for final approval. Sanlu been exposed "temporary special meeting of shareholders," records also confirmed that the trade with San Lu intention will be to reach a core business asset lease agreement, the first trustee to take further asset acquisitions. A few days ago, there were indications that three Sanlu 7 will be the core of the factory. The dairy industry experts believe that the first purchase and then hosting is a good idea. At the same time, hosting the first of three ways, it is a more favorable way, three for the time being, it does not matter what the compensation, then we would not have set a lot of pressure. Trust is a transition period, make things more clear. Experts believe that hosting also allows three to invest more effort in marketing, three from the start on a large scale this year, the market will be able to see an Ternary card already. Three days ago for the first time to participate in the tender CCTV at the scene and go to spend 1.3 billion yuan moves, which proved that three of the market has begun to take action. The experts believe that with the arrival of milk sales season, the acquisition of San Lu's case to resolve sooner rather than later, three as a listed company, its development of the new fiscal year, the channel construction, factories and so on, should start Before the start of the new fiscal year has a clear view and the overall planning, the final result is expected to be released before the end of the year. Three relevant person in charge also confirmed that three in 2009 to increase the country's market expansion efforts, at present, three in Beijing and Beijing rather than market share, increase in the national market expansion, which will share a certain Upgrade. From the publicity strategy, the initial three choices will be the main brand, the main push in the late listing of new products.

Experts predict that China's economic development: after a year back on track

At present, the depth is spread as an international financial crisis sweeping the globe, but also affects China's economy sensitive nerve. How the crisis will have much impact on China's economy? 4 trillion of the newly introduced "expand domestic demand and growth in insurance," when it plans to show the real effect? Recently, the State Information Center, chief economist Fan, director of economic forecasting in the "market" in an exclusive interview that year, China's economy will be back on track. "Market": At present, the global financial crisis, the impact is still deepening, from a historical point of view, how should the "definition" of the crisis? Fan: In economics, two consecutive quarters of negative growth, economic recession. According to the data released, Europe, Japan has two consecutive quarters of negative growth in the United States has been going on for three quarters and is expected in the fourth quarter of negative growth rate even more. Europe, the United States, Japan and the world's three major economies at the same time fall into negative growth, which no precedent in history. As a result, more and more people are forming a consensus in the world today is faced since World War II, one of its worst economic recession, or even develop into a recession or economic crisis. "Market": In that case, whether the crisis would bring my little affected? China's current economic situation, like how? Fan: China's economy, can be said to be experiencing the most severe since the reform and opening-up of external shocks, but the impact was significantly larger than anticipated. Exports, on the surface, we use U.S. dollars to calculate the total export growth rate remained low, but if the factors renminbi revaluation taken into account, as well as the import and export prices rising inflation taken into account, our actual export Container used to measure, this is the single-digit growth. Yantian Port container throughput this year has been negative growth. The global spread of financial crisis, China's real economy most affected. In September, China's generating capacity was increased by only 3.4 percent over the same period last year dropped 9 percent increase. At that time, that is because the Olympic period to take a number of restrictive measures. However, in October, China's power generation experienced negative growth in industrial added value growth rate further dropped to 8.4 percent, the overall economic momentum of rapid decline has been formed. Enterprises are also dropping. In the third quarter, there have been a lot of industry-wide loss of industry, such as iron and steel, nonferrous metal, and so on, there have been "your bread than wheat." Is the higher price of iron ore, steel prices fell sharply, the country's average per tonne of steel 1200 loss of money; electrolytic aluminum per ton on average a loss of money to 4000, 5000 electrolytic copper loss of money. Financial income was also reduced. China in the first half of fiscal revenue increased by 33.3 percent, but in September to 3.1 percent next is the only place in which the central government for the first time negative growth. In October, the central and local governments combined negative growth of 0.3 percent. Emergence of such a large area of negative growth in fiscal revenue in the reform and opening up are rare. "Market": In order to achieve the economic "soft landing", the state issued a series of rapid expansion of domestic demand growth in security measures, launched a plan to invest 4 trillion, how do you evaluate these measures? Fan: Despite the international financial crisis on China's impact far beyond the expected, but it should be said, our response to this crisis as early as knowledge, quick hands. Central showed the 10 major initiatives to expand domestic demand, 4 trillion of investment, far more than many people expected. From the expansion of investment, the Asian financial crisis to focus on the positive financial and economic policy, the Government is mainly focused on doing big things, the allocation of resources by the state, engage in a lot of government bonds; and this is walking on two legs, together with a transformation of value-added tax The tax cuts. The purpose of business is upgrading equipment, expanding investment to give financial incentives to mobilize the enthusiasm of business investment through market allocation of resources to improve the efficiency of investment. In fact, the expansion of domestic demand, the most fundamental is to expand consumption demand. We should clearly central to expand consumer demand and adjust the income distribution relations between the combined meaning is to say, to get people dare to spend, first of all, the Government should have the courage to adjust the government, enterprises and residents in three areas of the distribution relationship. 30 years of reform and opening up, the income of urban and rural residents below the long-term GDP growth. In the past talk about investment, consumption, export, "Troika", but said it was actually "Ma Jia Zhuang 2 a thin donkey" and this is why the CPC Central Committee and State Council decided to tackle the problem at the root. In addition, our fiscal policy and monetary policy to achieve the double of the expansionist policy, which shows that our policy has to start early to deal with more difficult in the future. "The market": the expansion of consumer demand, we have taken concrete measures? Fan: foreign crisis, layoffs and salary cuts are one after another, China is the opposite. Human Resources and Social Security request to help businesses tide over their difficulties, the stability of the current employment situation as a top priority. First of all requirements of state-owned enterprises should take the lead in no layoffs, to recruit new employees to give policy support. The fiscal policy has also made clear to raise their income, the level of pensions for retirees, urban and rural population, low levels of subsidy and so on, are meant to the people by increasing the revenue to promote consumption. "The market": the current business difficulties will continue for how long? China's economy will be back on track? Fan: Right now, some business investment may be expected to become negative by the optimism, there is the possibility of experiencing cash flow difficulties, some of the industry in a wide range of a loss, they might slow down the expansion of new projects. However, the enterprise, is now an investment cost of the minimum period is not only a very low cost of capital, raw materials and low prices. The situation in the future, we have seen an unprecedented impact on the other hand, it should be noted that the policy of expanding domestic demand unprecedented intensity. According to our forecasts, this year's fourth quarter and the first quarter of next year, China's economy is still in a decline in the process of inertia, but as long as the current central policy in place, in the second half of next year China's economy can be stabilized or even rebound. By 2010, no matter how bad the world economy, we only rely on domestic demand and domestic investment and consumption, China's economy will be able to return to the normal operation of the track. In fact, the so-called crisis, "danger" and "opportunity" for China, this is also the first time we speed up the upgrading of the international economy, the status of a rare opportunity.