Chen Shui-bian was re-arrested

At 2:30 on December 30, 2008 or so, after more than 12 hours long to reply and comment on whether the Taipei District Court for custody of Chen Shui-bian to make the final decision: to detain Chen Shui-bian once again.
Taiwan High Court in the early morning of 28 non-revocation of the Taipei District Court ruled that Chen Shui-bian's bail, Returned for more lay-offs. Taipei District Court on at 14 o'clock on on the 29th in seven criminal court summons Chen Shui-bian, by the Institute Shouqiu, Chieko Xu, Wu set by the three sub-components of the Full Court decision.
In the Full Court ruled out that Chen Shui-bian's appointment of lawyers to avoid claims after the program directly into the special investigation group on the 12th prosecution, the defendant in custody transfer of state, chief justice Shouqiu Paul Chen Shui-bian asked whether the guilty plea. Chen Shui-bian's reply to the special investigation group to prosecute him "confidential", money laundering, Longtan, the Nankang exhibition hall one by one to refute the case, and so on.
At the same time, Chen Shui-bian still reel off the court, he brought out the "big reservoir theory," Ma Ying-biting mad, as a result of emphasis on public expenditures exceeded revenue, Ma Ying-jeou can be acquitted, he should be acquitted.
He pointed out that the "confidential expenses" for all civil servants, especially for 6 secret "diplomatic", 9 major political and economic expenses, the total was more than NT 120,000,000 yuan, more than the special investigation group found that the prosecution of corruption 1. 100,000,000 yuan, the first since the court to Ma Ying-jeou special fee "expenditures exceeded revenue," found not guilty, then his "confidential expenses" should be acquitted because he has no subjective mens rea, the objective is also spending more than revenue.
As for the South Pavilion and the Longtan to buy the two cases, both Chen Shui-bian stressed that "the Constitution" and "National Security Council," the Organic Law, provides that no major financial issues as "president" terms of reference, he argued that the Taiwan authorities at that time for policy-related science and technology are To create jobs, improve people's life and his status as the "president" of course concerned about the promotion of related affairs, just as Ma Ying-jeou has also been concern over buying a train ticket, but can it be to buy tickets as "president" terms of reference it?
Chen Shui-bian has argued that his Southern, Long in the two cases nothing about the money, and even the defendant, Yu Cheng-hsien, Lee Mu-sector, Ming-Jer Tsai and others, the statement is not inconsistent, that is only referred to his wife Wu Shu-chen, totally did not mention him, not because of Their only concern the efficiency of the policy of the Taiwan authorities, as on the use of the terms of acceptance of bribes, the special investigation group to prosecute bribery, he tears.
As for the allegations of money laundering, Chen Shui-bian said that since the "confidential", Longtan, such as the South are nothing criminal case, there would be no crime, since no money-laundering crime, he knows the only home state of overseas funds, the initiative is the beginning of this year, Wu Shu-chen told His overseas assets were frozen, but there are a sum of 2,000,000 U.S. did not freeze, he would invite "senior adviser" to help Wu Li-pei, Wu will be money to the Department of the account used to promote the international "diplomacy", the amount of remittances, the account is Wu Li-pei Decision.
Chen Shui-bian has spent nearly 50 minutes after the statement, the presiding judge Shouqiu Paul Chen Shui-bian asked, "So the fact that prosecutors do not you plead guilty?" Chen Shui-bian Answer "."
In defense of the accused after court for custody of the prosecution were, the defense response, and other procedures, the parties will continue to follow up on criminal suspects, whether or not to flee anti-card offense and defense matter, the Full Court by the council in custody or whether bail. In the end, the Taipei District Court decided to detain Chen Shui-bian.

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