People's Liberation Army successfully test-fired a long-range missile

China's western region, the desert late autumn, the silence. Suddenly, Charlie made so much noise, the horizon suddenly leapt up from a "fire dragon", dragging the white smoke into the sky. The twinkling of an eye, "Fire Dragon," one finally turned into red-hot meteor, roar, scream, to a frame to keep their whereabouts hidden "enemy" plane hit pieces ... ... Rolling thunder, the people of the Air Force declared a new type of anti-aircraft missile units in the complex electromagnetic environment, for the first time against the success of different heights and different directions and different speeds of more than batch goal! Desert sky, stirring glory. This is an Air Force pilot training bases to promote scientific and army building strong restructuring of the opera scene. The formation of the past five years, China has created a base for the aviation, air defense equipment and the development of military training bases in the history of the first 20 to complete the army and air force organized by 40 major exercises and a new trial training and equipment mission, I become A pilot with the Air Force, training, scientific research and operational functions of the new force modernization. Hanguang a sword in all directions of the sky, the new tide of the revolution in military affairs Heng Kong born! Wind wings: targeting "tomorrow's war" December 9, 2003, the Badain Jaran Desert Edge, a new flag rising. This year, the whole army at the establishment of a new round of structural adjustment reforms drew to an end. The decision of the Central Military Commission, the establishment of an Air Force pilot training base. Issued an order, the whole army of attention: On the scale of its 3 surrounding the integration of the pilot training zone, becoming the only army aviation, air defense weapons and large-scale integrated pilot training base. On the system level, other than the service units higher than a similar cell. Busu anti-expansion, did not fall but rise, in order to streamline the integration of the thrust for reform is rare. Looking up at the flag, the base could not calm the minds of officers and men. This year, precisely because the world's 100th anniversary of the birth of the aircraft. This is a year away from the Air Force I in this airspace of China's first test-fired air-to-air missile had been 44 years. This year, the resurgence of the Gulf war, large-scale US-British air strikes against Iraq ... ... "Yesterday's war" in the near background, "Today's war" is a different place, "tomorrow's war" is already taking shape. World Outlook, combat aircraft are being developed to the intelligence, stealth, unmanned, remote-based and space-based development, integrated aerospace, precision strike, the system of multi-dimensional style of the new air ... ready ... Back, the party base, "a group of people" heavy responsibility: the world's new military revolution, the situation is pressing. The establishment of the base, is by no means a simple sum of several units, but the people of the Air Force to achieve quality performance, technology-intensive, both defensive and offensive strategic objectives of the transition, a prelude! Those days, surging up and down the base of the heat flow changes, a "face of tomorrow's war, the role of the base should be" discussed in full swing. Party committees and pool their wisdom, established a new blueprint for the development of innovation: to speed up new aviation, air defense weapons and test the pace of scientific research, test and promote the development of integrated training system, striving to be the vanguard of the development of weapons and equipment, Pioneer's restructuring of the Air Force, the military vanguard of the struggle to prepare . Repeated claims made by the war, Cui Ren battle. Flag Presentation Ceremony held at the base after the first 16 days of our own research and development of new third-generation fighter F -10, carrying a new type of missile flew up into the blue sky from a Gobi, for the last time the range test. Blue skies, the mighty fighter wings, flying missile target more than 100 kilometers away, a mass of flames moments bloom! This means that the missiles along with F -10 fighter, both fitted out to get troops to the border empty, "Pass." A magnificent "good start" to allow this wind roar of the sand dance wilderness more boiling. The establishment of the base year, 20 state key projects launched at the same time, various types of missile was test-fired a decade ago when several dozen times. 5 years, the presence of the base pilot projects on a monthly basis to reach as many as 67 times a day 8 weaved task, test-fired the missile type 3. Array eagles in the sky, the ground successfully. 5 years, the base for more than 70 scientific research institutes to invite, more than 200 companies ordnance, "a combined fleet" to join the pilot. Test mission's busiest time, dozens of scientific research, thousands of scientists into a mighty desert. Base officers and soldiers are racing against time, wearing camouflage fatigues seasons go out on the Gobi Desert in the trial. Dressed in uniforms or the new uniforms issued more than a year, and some officers and men also did not last through. A reporter asked the officers and men "several weeks" and said that very few people ... ... "In the force, and other new equipment, new contributions we have to do." Looking back on the 5-year, political commissar of the base more than love of water with emotion, said: "The preparations for military struggle arduous and urgent task, do not pay close attention not ah!" Li Jian Gobi: Test and Training wishes to fly high together Gobi Desert, the electromagnetic fog clouds. Several blue-gray coating of the new planes with more-advanced weapons and air, blue sky onto the offensive and defensive combat tactics training to start. Desert view, China's first information-based electronic warfare training ground in front of our eyes. Five years ago, the Air Force in the preparation of the party in adjustment system, the Central Military Commission proposal, part of the original headquarters of a pilot training center of the area singled out as a test of the newly established training base of a "dominating." It is also not a simple sequence of the diversion. It means that the people of the Air Force began to test new equipment to the extension of the training. Test and Training, two "wings" wishes to fly high together, to seek the source and equipment, technology and tactics of the organic integration. Strategic planning, the right time. In 2003, the Air Force decided to set up electronic warfare training ground, place in this election on the Gobi desert. Al-right moment, the last few years, independent research and development of the "battlefield environment simulation objectives of the direct-monitoring and evaluation, comprehensive support" large-scale systems, such as 5 to build the army with the first real test the effectiveness of electronic warfare training ground . This year, an Air Force pilot flying over the desert division. "Interfere with the boot!" "Radar lock!" Base order of the commander, pilot headsets issued a sharp Xiaojiao ... ... Alert worried, likely out spring, the end of the Chinese air force training hard to create a complex electromagnetic environment of history. Since then, an unprecedented "electromagnetic air corridor" to attract groups of eagles flying over thousands of miles in the air, here to accept new challenges. Known as a "trump card in the air," the Air Force units from the Mountain peaks rise amid permanent, fighting all the way, a number of opponents retreat. However, he moved to the desert hinterland, suddenly encountered a strong electromagnetic interference, the pilot Shayuergui, felt a sense of crisis. Air Force air defense troops stationed in the Gobi, dozens of business-class units in the complex electromagnetic environment of target practice. As a result, many of the forces frequently shoot with unfailing accuracy in the past lost, for the first time hit rate is only 20%. Forces in an uproar, 4 battalion commander by the end of the action! Watching a good commander Gobi tears, it was: "Is it set up a high-level interference, the performance of our weapons fail?" Base to reject the leadership of Chen Zhaolian: "No weapon performance did not meet the requirements of your Do not! " A series of temper, the force waking up to their errors: "This is the battlefield. Now they prefer to have a pass rate of 20%, not the original 100%!" Immediately, an unprecedented law on war began. In the past few years, troops fired excellent rate jumped by 30 percentage points. In an interview with reporters Base, the Air Force when the air force test-fired a new missile in the complex electromagnetic environment-weapons attacks testing the maximum, minimum, the farthest target "border value" performance. Order, the troops in the first round of multiple salvo, the fat hit. However, the applause did not interest rates, to watch the trial of the head of the Air Force ordered all of a sudden: "for a camp, a play, the goal is not informed, so that their forces arrested, fighting!" This means that the test is just that it is "war" Test, training, operations, "the critical conversion" on a moment in between. Nifengfeiyang, to see color eagle. Force should be calm, be vacated sword, played a "full house prize!" Desert military exercise: to speed up transition to build a "strategic heights" This is the first time included in the history of our military engage in fierce battle on the battlefield. The sky, air force, navy air force fighter plane array firmament; on the ground, the army tanks Animals of the cluster, the Second Artillery missile launchers heads held high blue sky, airports, aircraft, roads, ports and other "enemy" spread all over the target. This time, the armed forces and more complex services for the first time in the electromagnetic environment to carry out joint war games. On the battlefield, this is an area thousands of square kilometers of desert. It marked the base platform for information-based military exercise to achieve a single arms training services to more changes in training. A huge leap, from the base of the officers and men of the difficult journey. World Outlook, the exercise has become a military power in the race to build the air force's strategic high ground. Follow-up to build a cutting-edge, advanced facilities, full-featured, high-performance integrated security operations experimental field, China's Air Force training to promote the only way to change, it is imperative. History, once again opted for an Air Force pilot training base, looking mighty force hoping for the Great Northwest. "Ji Jin said several other people two to a steelyard to have their own!" In accordance with the party base "technology on the ground, spun the web in the air," the idea of structure set up in the air big battle, the army successfully developed the first real-time data-processing cluster computer system, an integrated The use of optical measuring, testing mine, telemetry, television, aircraft measurement stations as well as satellite positioning, airborne measurements and other advanced means of information collection, and gave the whole process of full-time domain, the entire air space, all elements of the direction control. Chenggan amount of victory or defeat, who is the "fixing Star"? All of a sudden, the lack of proficiency in the training direction of the law of human resources, building on the battlefield has become a "bottleneck." JOBS AND CAREERS base commander, Mr Charles Chan, head of the Air Force will be in person. At the same time, a piece of paper blew the transfer order, "assembly", the Air Force selected the 12 members direction far apart from the base together, the Gobi camp. "Transparent battlefield" Guashudiluo, Air Force officers and men of the long-awaited independence against the system against that dream into reality. Over the past five years in the future of this war "quasi-battlefield", have occurred in less than a hundred games, "the fighting." All air force aircraft, as well as radar, surface to air missile troops, airborne troops from all of this together, staged a magnificent scenes of the drama of modern warfare. In late September this year, the Chinese Air Force-level campaign for the first time under the conditions of the unknown element of the whole "back-to-back" exercise self-confrontation began, the Air Force Military Command of the two groups formed with cross-force mobility, towards the northwest. "Red Army" of the two aircraft attack all the way, the base over the sudden and "blue" group encounter, fierce fight. Wei Luo smoke, more than 1,000 kilometers away in a Central Plains, the roar of bombers took off cross-war. At this point, the depths of the desert, electronic warfare troops to provide the power density radar units Space Net, bow-air missile unit cited ready, 10 more than for the first time to participate in testing new methods of operation ... ... Intelligence gathering, information processing, the allegations show that the command communications, surveillance fact, the transmission by Al-command ... ... hall, the two sides fight, audio-visual, real-time images displayed on the big screen, the data from the nine-Yi Zuzu reached the ground, Into the sparkling "digital falls" on the big screen down Fei Liu. Smoke cleared, the outcome? Tactical training system to assess the outcome of final word. Air Force to all participating units to the division commander to convene in Beijing, 6 days a full resumption of the exercise set on the outcome. In the face of the outcome of detailed and accurate data gains and losses, commander of the participating units with emotion: pride to win, the losers have to be convinced. In the training base for a month, more than a year of training in the field! Continuous innovation: the rise of desertification through the ages, "Technology Oasis" Gobi late autumn, Dawn Wei Lu, a new type of unmanned aerial vehicles roll, the take-off, leapt to the sky to light. Here is the cradle of China's unmanned aerial vehicles. From the 1960s China's first unmanned target aircraft, "one sky" come out, now a target of dozens of target. To wit, "One sky" has more than 40 years old. Talk about it, as the "father of Chinese UAV," the China Academy of Engineering Xu Chao, still proud of: "it has the air of the high and low, the size of speed, mobility and cost-effective, but also has similar foreign No target difficult to hold a candle! " A target, how to become famous in the world, "evergreen"? Mystery lies in independent innovation. At that time, Zhao Xu, led by academician of the team to adopt the innovative idea of the world rarely seen, just one year's time developed a "One sky." Then, to capture the digital flight control, correcting the ground, the more remote goal of 12 world-class technical difficulties, the success of China's first unmanned flying supersonic target entity, so that China's aviation, air defense weapons and test the ability to achieve a quantum leap . "Innovation is not such as to the opportunities that are stolen!" Today, Zhao Xu Academy of Sciences has 70 senior, but his life-long pursuit of philosophy, in this desert is still the good old, like new flowers blooming. Recalling those years, where F -10 fighter flight? 1:00 hesitate organs at higher levels. Beijing is a base for a business trip, a deputy commander of the report quickly commander, political commissar. The two officers unanimous decision: "This must be welcomed into the new Gobi Desert Eagle!" The deputy commander of the night to write the report, the reasons so moved by the higher authorities, -10 F fighter planes flew thousands of miles do desertification. Then, the depths of the Gobi in a crucial battle of the General Assembly. Al-Qaeda forced to elite R & D -10 F-type fighters flight surveillance systems, to capture a world leader in a number of key technologies, only 50% of the time to complete 80% of the test flight sorties and 95% of the test subjects, F -10 fighter Desert from the wings and took off into the blue sky formed into a square steel. -10 F-off, Al-driven development means improving the monitoring and control, released a new reminder of the flowers -- Optical, radar, remote sensing, airborne and satellite television measurement system to form 6 large networks, with a large air base, in-depth, high-precision, multi-target three-dimensional monitoring and control capabilities, 64-way television images covering thousands of miles Gobi, glance sign of trouble. The earth is round, the long trajectory, the minimum altitude of how arms control? The base station monitoring and control on the ground "to move" into the air, the first of China's aircraft monitoring and control aircraft available. "Eagle Eye" aerial observation from a distance of 50 years ago, 5 km, 30 years ago to 28 kilometers, rose today to reach 1,200 km. At that time, the root of the whole army in the first fiber optic cable laid here, only 220 kilometers. Now, the base of fiber-optic lines to reach 1,500 km, the equivalent of a big city with a total length of optical fiber. In the past, the calculation of missile miss distance operator to two or three days, the use of real-time monitoring and control systems, will be able to immediately get accurate data. In the past, the new test aircraft, aircraft performance depends on how the pilot oral return. Today, the "three-dimensional view of the" technical experts on the ground can see real-time aircraft in the air posture, even the control surface changes at a glance. Sometimes to a fault plane, the pilots have not yet found that the ground has been timely ... reminding ... Desert, thousands of miles Chidi. Here, in less than 40 mm of precipitation, evaporation is as high as 3800 mm. However, scientific development, such as life-giving spring breeze, the millennium has become a desert vitality of the "oasis of science and technology"! Late at night in the base from a Menlei-like roar. Pingchuang view, the test of the new fighter jet flame Yinghong the end of the night sky. Orient Point, the desert wind to disperse the night, a brand-new sun was out on the horizon ... ...

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